Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chapter no. 1: The Beginning (III)

The very next morning, when he came back home after Fajar prayer, there were many kids of the neighborhood gathered in the courtyard.

Qandeel was sitting on stairs having keyboard in her lap, all kids were around her. Holding small flags in their hands, they were singing national songs with Qandeel.

“Tera her ik zarra hum ko apni jaan sey pyara

(Every particle of yours is beloved more than our life)

Terey dum sey shaan hamari tujh sey naam hmara”

(We have pride because of you, our recognition is you)

She was creating melodies with closed eyes and singing with children shaking her head here and there.

“Jab tek hai ye dunya baaqi hum dekhen azaad

(Till the end of the world, may we see you at liberty)

Hum dekhen azaad tujhey

(May we see you at liberty)

Sohni dharti Allah rakhey qadam qadam aabaad

(O beautiful land! May Allah keep you prospered at each and every step)

Qadam qadam aabaad tujhey

(May He keep you prospered at each and every step)”

He went into kitchen smiling and started preparing breakfast.

He had prepared breakfast. The singing voices were now stopped and laughter and giggling of kids were coming, but after some time, there was silence. He knew that kids probably have gone.

“Baba, why are you preparing breakfast, I would have made it once I finished.” She came inside.

“For at least one day in a whole year, I am allowed to prepare breakfast for my daughter, Qandeel”, he started laughing. “I thought you were sleeping, so didn’t come to you before going”.

“On this day, taking a long sleep is not possible Baba. This morning is always so bright, so glowing that I wake up early in the morning to look it”, she started pouring tea into cups.

After breakfast and finishing rest of the things, when she came out of the kitchen, Yousuf Mairaj was standing near the plants along with the wall of courtyard. Perhaps, he was looking the flag waving at the roof.

"Baba, yesterday evening Munir Sahib called for you but you were not home and later on I did not remember to tell you." She started to explain things.

"Yes, Munir called and talked to me on mobile". He threw away her worry.

"Did you talk to him? What is being decided by you people", she tried to explore.

“Nothing special”, he said in a sloppy manner.

“So, when you people are going to meet, to discuss things in detail”, she was not satisfied.

“There is no need to meet him now”, he moved towards veranda.

“What do you mean”? She followed him.

“The need to meet and discuss things in detail comes only when deal is settled. When deal is not settled already what would be the benefit of the meeting”, he smiled resting his back with the pillar. His smile had a very strange expression. Qandeel could not understand that either it was due to pain or satisfaction.

“Baba”, her voice was disappointed. “I am sure you would have refused, otherwise he was showing a great interest in this matter”.

Yousuf Mairaj didn’t reply just looked her.

“Why did you do this?” she was a little angry. “You did get a great opportunity to create your academy, to fulfill a dream so older and you missed it with your wish”, she too rested her back against the pillar just beside him. “How many years you and Sir Kamran have spent just to complete the paper work for the academy and now when you just need financial sponsors in order to start the work, you just refuse everyone’s offer. Time is passing so quickly and if this academy would not be started in coming few years then it might be very late. With every day which is being passed, our energies are decreasing. The courage, strength and potential with which we can do it today, perhaps would not be able to do same after few years”, her tone was worried and tired.

Yousuf Mairaj turned towards her and took her face into his hands, “My sweet daughter! Whatever you are saying, these are exactly true but few things can never be in our hands, Qandeel. These have to happen with their own time own way, we can’t change the time and the way even if we want to”. His old, shiny eyes and the sense of his soft hands just took a second to vanish her disappointment.

“What you feel, are not me and Kamran trying to get sponsors for the academy?” She smiled. “We both are trying our best, but the thing is that our priorities are different and people who are willing to sponsor their priorities are different. Our purpose is something else, their purpose is something else. Our terms and conditions are different and their terms and conditions are totally different. Then how can I take risk in this situation for the fulfillment of my dream. Unless I am certain that in the foundations of this academy, no seed of individual benefits will be sown; I am not going to accept anyone’s proposal”. Slowly and gradually she was being convinced. “We have to compromise everywhere in life, Qandeel! I have taught you this and I have also taught you the thing that compromise on ideologies is impossible and it should be. To live, one has to protect his belief, trust, ideologies and purpose, has to prevent them from impurities. I think you understand what I am saying”. She shook her head positively.

“I am sure that my dream will be accomplished. If not me then it would be someone else, someone who would really be able to perform this duty better than me. Who can create and run this academy in a better way. One who gave me this dream Qandeel, He will definitely send someone in the form of accomplishment of this dream”, he had light in his eyes, just like a Sun. “Sarosh Academy of Art and Literature will become a reality one day”, his tone was determined. “I am certain”.

She smiled, “So do I”.

He kissed her forehead and embraced her head with his chest.


  1. :) I am eager to know about SAAL in further parts.

    Urooj your novel will be a HUGE success. Likh k le lo! :D

  2. Riz, thanks for your support. However, you would not be able to read about SAAL in detail earlier but in later and final parts you will find some detail inshAllah.

    I don't know that my novel will be a success or not, but i just know one thing that whatever i want to write, it will definitely be different and unique in its own way.

  3. Like Riz I was also curious to read about SAAL, seems I share this dream, with YM.

  4. You have certainly got my attention as well! What a refreshing piece of lovely work. Like the others responding, I also am compelled by your writing to be curious about outcomes. I feel the depth of the relationships already. Nice little touches between people along with subtle moments of faith. These will help me to be patient for the results. I would like also to know how Dar Sahib is sharing this dream with YM.

  5. Sir Akhtar, thank you for reading my post and yes, i am too eager to write and post the details about SAAL but the time is a little far. There are other things in between which necessary to describe, also i had an idea that you and many of us in RR seem to share this dream with YM. Please if you can describe in which ways would you look the accomplishment of this dream. Like Connie, i am also willing to know.

  6. Connie, thank you so much. Your presence and your words here always matter for me.

  7. So glad also that this post is now here among the others at RR! So fitting and masterfully done.