Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chapter no. 2: The Dream (IV)

Adnan being very careful, took off the car from the road and stopped at unsettled earth, finally ceased the engine. Then turned his head and looked Ilaaf who was sitting at side seat.

With closed eyes and back rested with the seat, unconcerned from world he was having a peaceful sleep. Adnan had a look on his wrist watch; it was half past eight in the morning. Sun was moving upside but the sunlight was pleasant and without heat.

He again looked Ilaaf and kept looking silently for a while. He had been lived far from Ilaaf for so many years, but still his love for Ilaaf remained the same. He could never know the reason that why does he love Ilaaf so much? It was true that the personality of Ilaaf was charming but even then Adnan could never feel for anyone else in his life, what he had always felt for Ilaaf. He even had not cared for his parents and siblings, how he always cared Ilaaf. Don’t know how this unbreakable relation of friendship was formed among them, although not a huge but there was a difference in their behaviors and attitudes and even Ilaaf himself had given preference to Adnan compare to his other friends.

Adnan looked that his thick and curved eyelashes were looking more beautiful at the moment. His arms being folded on his chest, while enjoying his peaceful sleep he was just looking like a prince came from a fairy-land. Involuntarily Adnan had a smile on his face, his heart also was pretty satisfied otherwise just four hours ago, Ilaaf was met him in a feared and weird condition that he had become literally worried for him.

He was feeling hungry but he wanted to be with Ilaaf until he would have got up therefore resting his head back he closed his eyes too.

Then after some time perhaps a footfall forced him to open his eyes.

He sat straight. Ilaaf was looking restless even in sleep.

“Water”, he said wriggling.

Adnan had an impression of worry once again.

He picked the bottle of water from the back seat and shook him rudely.

Ilaaf had opened his eyes but his eyes were so red that for a moment, Adnan feared to look him.

“Water”, he uncapped the bottle and executed towards Ilaaf.

For a moment Ilaaf didn’t understand anything then controlling his nerves, he took the bottle from his hand and started to drink. After drinking a lot of water he returned back the bottle to Adnan and keeping his hands on dashboard started taking deep breaths.

Adnan put the bottle back and looked him watchfully.

“Ilaaf, are you alright?”

He just shook his head positively.

“Was the same dream….?”

“No, didn’t have a dream, just I am not coming out of that condition”. Adnan squeezed his lips.

“Why have you turned off the A.C.? I am feeling agitation”.

“Was working for three hours continuously, I thought that it should have some rest”.

“My body is still burning”. Saying in a disturbed manner, he got off from the car. Adnan also got off and locked the White Fairy.

Ilaaf was observing that area around. That was a village, where after some unsettled earth there was a series of corn fields.

“There is still some water in bottle, wash your face. You will feel better”.

“No, I don’t want to wash my face. I……” He stopped saying something then started walking towards his left taking large steps.

“Where are you going Ilaaf? You are not feeling well”. He was also coming behind him.

In the same direction at some distance, there was a villager who along with a little girl was filling his bucket with water from a hand pump.

Ilaaf stopped and stood somewhat near the hand pump and started looking the water which was coming out of a side of pump in the form of a thick stream.

Adnan was already stopped few steps back.

The girl, who was just eight or ten years old, dragged the bucket back filled with water and then picked it. The man stopped his hand then saw Ilaaf who was already looking him.

“What happened Saaiyen (Sir), are you searching someone?” He asked from Ilaaf in Sindhi.

“No, Infact I……want to wash my face”. Ilaaf knew how to speak Sindhi but at the moment he replied in Urdu.

“Oh….then say like this. Come please come. I pull the pump, you wash your face”.

Ilaaf silently went and stood along with pump. The man started to pull the handle, next moment the thick stream of water emerged. Ilaaf bowed down, filled the water in his both palms and smashed on his face. The water was cold; his hot body had a sense of harmony. He repeated the action thrice then don’t know what happened with him, sitting on his tiptoes he executed his head and kept it just below the water stream. The same cold water was now wetting his head, hair, and face and penetrating into his collar.

Adnan was surprised. He could never have expected this from Ilaaf.

The agitation, the restlessness was just vanished. He wetted himself too much then stood.

The man stopped his hand.

Ilaaf jerked his head then pushed his hair back with the help of the both hands from his forehead.

“Thank you”, perhaps first time in his life he said the word with his heart.

“Doesn’t matter Saaiyen”. The man went to the same side the girl had gone.

He returned back towards Adnan.

Adnan looked him surprisingly.

He was now seemed quite fresh and normal.

There was not a single expression of any agitation or restlessness on his face.

“Let’s go home. I know you must be feeling hungry. Will take you to a good restaurant on the way back for breakfast”. He smiled for the first time in last four hours and his smile was gorgeous as usual.

Adnan came back towards the white Fairy silently with him.

“You must be tired. Let me drive the car”.

First go to the nearest Petrol pump, if fuel finishes on the way we will be in trouble. I was driving for three hours continuously”. Adnan said while sitting in the car.

Ilaaf started the car and turned at the road.

“By the way which area is this?” Ilaaf asked while looking around.

“Driving a bit more and we would have reached Hyderabad”.

“Oh, so I was kept sleeping and we reached here”.

“Yes, and thanks that you are much better now, otherwise when you called me to come, I was very upset to see you”.

“Yes, I am perfectly fine now. Don’t know but a strange agitation had grasped me”.

“What had happened?”

“Nothing special. It was just a dream but that dream made me weird in real”. His tone was quite odd.

“What had you seen in the dream?”

Ilaff didn’t reply him.

“I have asked something from you, Ilaaf”. The tone of Adnan was sharp this time.

“She was a woman who restored my freezing senses just by touching me. My whole body was cold due to lying on an ice slab, blood was feeling like frozen. Then as soon as she kept her hand over my hand, my body started to get heat and within a short time I was sweating. My body started to scorch like a furnace. When my eyes get opened, the whole body was burning as hot breezes of desert would have burnt me completely”.

Adnan remained silent, was not in a position to say anything. Neither had he believed dreams nor had he ever seen dreams like this.

“At the moment it felt that everything happened with me in real, was not able to think or understand anything. On calling when Fazal came, I said him to call you”.

“Now leave everything and get this dream out from your mind. Everything will be alright. By the way it’s good in a sense that even in the dream at least you allowed a woman to come close”.

Ilaaf laughed on his unintended criticize and kept laughing for a while.

“Should not tell you anything therefore, instead of understanding the problem of a person you always start talking nonsense and stupid things”. Adnan felt a strange happiness to see Ilaaf laughing like this.

“Listen, I have to go Quetta to meet Nana Saaiyen (Mother’s Father), was delaying for many days, and now thinking to have a visit. Will you come along with me?”

“Just forgive me, Ilaaf. After seeing me the way his forehead got curves, instead of looking those curves its better that I go to Lahore for two three days, will meet with Bibi and Agha Jaan. Whenever you want to return then inform me I will come back”.

“Yes, I know. Nana Saaiyen always having problems with Punjabis. Anyhow, I will leave by evening and will try to return within one or two days”. Ilaaf turned the car towards Petrol pump still laughing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chapter no. 2: The Dream (III)

Yousuf Mairaj had come outside the room for Fajar prayer, but a view forced him to stop.

Qandeel was sitting with the pillar of viranda and her eyes were closed.

Looking her, sitting like this at this time, he was very surprised. She had slept earlier at night. Due to the load of work these days, she was tired and had gone in her room right after dinner to take a long sleep.

Yousuf Mairaj suddenly felt himself worried for her health.

He sat beside and started looking her, but she was still in the same position with closed eyes. Perhaps she was fallen asleep.

“Qandeel”, he called her name worryingly.

She suddenly had opened her eyes.

“Baba”, she sat in a linear manner. “When did you wake up?”

“I am awakened at the time, but may be you are awakened before time today”, he said looking in her red eyes. “What happened? Are you not feeling well? Why are you sitting here?” She had smiled.

“Nothing has happened Baba, I am perfectly alright, and you are worried for no reason”.

“Then What?” Yousuf Mairaj was still not satisfied.

“It was a dream, a very strange one. My sleep went away. I was not feeling well in the room therefore had sat here”. Perhaps she was not feeling the need to use more words.

“How was the dream?”

“Very strange, incomprehensible”. Her smile was now fainted.

Yousuf Mairaj didn’t ask the next question, he knew that after some time she would be telling herself and the same had happened.

After few minutes, Qandeel changed his place and now keeping her head in his lap, she was lying on the floor of veranda.

There was a smile on the face of Yousuf Mairaj.

“Baba…..dreams are true, right?” She was now looking at his face holding her head high.

“Yes, as far as I think”.

“But this dream was so mysterious; don’t know what would be its interpretation?” Innocent, unfamiliar to the world, she was looking like a small child at that time.

“Interpretations are made by God, exactly as He shows the dreams. Therefore being worried for a matter which is not in our control is worthless”. He was now combing her hairs with his fingers. “Just tell me the dream, leave the interpretation”.

“A strange and mysterious valley surrounded by the mountains, and divided into three equal halves. Desert, snow and greenery”. She said like repeating things in her mind. Yousuf Mairaj was listening silently.

“I was standing in the desert. My whole body was burning due to the scorching sand and hot breeze. Then don’t know what happened to me, I reached at the snow by walking but the coldness of the snow was also unbearable for me. Even then a force kept me walking”. She stopped for a moment.

“Were you alone there or there was someone else too?” He asked the question.

“I was not alone….. There were two more persons. One was standing far, and the other……was the man who was lying on an ice slab. I had kept my hand over his hand when reaching near to him and you know Baba, what had happened then?.......All snow was melted except the slab”. Her tone had doubt.

“Then”, he was looking very serious.

“Then I reached near the feet of the man and sat on the ground. Something was happened after that but I don’t remember anything related to that”.

“Who were they? Do you know both of them?”

“No, I don’t remember the face of anyone of them, or maybe it was not possible to see their faces clearly in the dream, except the blurred images and from those blurred images I can not have any idea that who were they?” He didn’t say anything. “Then my eyes get opened. My body was so cold and I was feeling like that coldness has just penetrated into my soul”.

“Certainly, the dream is so strange, but you don’t have to worry for that. Will see what happens, always should keep hope for the best”. He tried to relief her worries, “You have lots of burden due to work these days, and you don’t care for yourself, take a break today from University and from office as well and rest completely, and you will feel better”.

“I am thinking the same”.

Yousuf Mairaj bowed a little and kissed her forehead. Her body was still cold.

“Baba…..” she smiled.

“Yes, my child”, all Love had been emerged in his eyes at the moment.

“How was she….Ammi(Mother)?” In her whole life this was her only favorite question that she was used to ask time to time from Yousuf Mairaj.

“The most beautiful woman of the world”, some pearls had started to shine in his weak eyes. “She taught me to fulfill the right of my name and told me the meanings of life which I didn’t know before that”. A very beautiful smile was spread on his lips. “You know what; she never learned to hate someone in her life. People gave her pain and went, and she had met with them for the next time like nothing has ever happened among them. She tried many times but remained unsuccessful. God had made her with the dust of Love, she only knew how to Love”. Qandeel had a deeper smile this time.

“And you are just like her, sometimes you react very strictly when in anger, but to hate someone, to dislike someone or to be angry with someone are the things you could never learn. And I want you to be like this forever, wish that nothing would change this habit of yours”.

“Will have to think, Baba. Still there is a very long journey; habit could be change as well”. Her tone was witty while saying this.

He still was combing in her hairs with his fingers.

“Baba, can I ask one more thing?”

“Yes, sure”.

“Had Phuppo(Aunt) disliked Ammi in the same manner she dislikes me?”

Yousuf Mairaj had looked her very seriously this time.

“She just dislikes you, Qandeel……but she hated Saima, perhaps still hates her”. Qandeel had seen a nameless pain on his face.

“For each and every awful thing in my life, Saima was just supposed to be responsible for that for her. She always thought that if I would have used my abilities in any other profession except Teaching then I would have been more successful. Whatever had been changed in my life, after that earning money and depending on that money, transforming the status could never be the success or development for me. Saima had never imposed her concepts and ideas on me. She was not an admirer of any mental imprisonment or limitations in Love. This decision was just my own that I will utilize my whole life for Knowledge and awareness, but even then Aapa(Elder sister) always felt that Saima is the only hindrance for my progress”. He was tired speaking continuously.

“And I am the daughter of the same woman; even then she hadn’t any issue on my engagement with Sami. I surprise sometimes when think about it”. Her tone was very odd.

“Yes, maybe she gave up due to Sami’s persistence. In your relationship with Sami, if something puts me into worry then it is the same one, Qandeel. I am very well aware of Aapa’s nature. She has spent the whole life with her own standards and always wished to see people following the same standards. You will have to face certain problems after marriage”.

She laughed. Yousuf Mairaj had looked her.

“It is good then, Baba. At least in this way I will get some problems to face in my life, otherwise I have never faced a single problem yet”. This time he laughed too.

“Not only you Qandeel even Saleha Aapa will have to face problems. Perhaps she doesn’t, but I very well know about your inflexibility. Nobody could ever successfully convince you to follow his instruction”.

She sat up.

“Yes, but in the case of inflexibility, Sami is more firm than me, Baba. I will just have a wish during my whole life that someday may he think and look at life like me”. Her tone had a very different impression.

“Man should never lose hope, Qandeel”. He smiled, “Ok, there is very little time remaining for the prayer. I will have to offer prayer at home now”. He stood, “Sleep after prayer and take rest, if you would feel better then come with me at evening”.

“Where?” She asked surprisingly.

“At Hamza’s place, there is a lecture. Will meet with Kamran too there and you will have some change as well”. She also stood.

“Ok, I will go with you. It’s being very long time while meeting sir Hamza, he visits us very few times. I like him so much just sometimes…….”

“Sometimes what?” His eyes had surprise.

“Sometimes his personality looks very mysterious, therefore while talking to him I always become confused”.

“While talking to him, elders and olds become confused even, Qandeel”.

This time she laughed in a cracking voice.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chapter no. 2: The Dream (II)

Perhaps it was the first call of Fajar prayer coming from some distance. His eyes were opened but he could not think or understand anything for a while. Then slowly and gradually his senses started to respond completely.

The cooling of air-condition had spread in the bedroom but even then he was sweating. Thorns were prickling in the throat and an unknown, strange agitation had grasped his whole body.

With a difficulty he moved his hand and turned on the lamp of side table then sat up. By taking deep breaths for few minutes, he tried to believe that he had come out from that state. Then with trembling hands, he poured water from the jug on side table in the glass and put to lips.

Those few sips had affected well for his condition.

During the whole time, Sabiha had waked up too. She turned from side to side, tried to understand his condition by looking him then she sat up too.

“Hamza! What has happened to you?” She said with a worry, rubbing her eyes.

Hamza Shahid did not reply her. He again was taking deep breaths.

“You once again had a dream?” This time he turned and shook his head positively.

“I can not understand why these dreams do not leave you”. He got down from the bed and came towards the window. “Does this duty only have come on your shoulders to have dreams about the whole world? Sometimes you suffer a lot due to these dreams even then you don’t contact with any doctor or psychiatrist”. He pushed back the curtains and opened the window. The blow of air that was entered in the room was much energizing compare to the suffocation inside.

“For years, the serial of these dreams has been driving off your sleep and now even I feel miserable to look at your condition”. He turned and looked Sabiha.

“There is no solution for this problem, Sabiha. None of the doctors or psychiatrists would be able to free me from these dreams. No method of cure or medicine has yet invented in the world to escape from the dreams and those dreams especially which have no concern with conscious or unconscious”. His tone was now reflecting his much better state.

“Was the dream about something novel?” Sabiha got down from the bed and turned on the lights.

“Yes”. He was deeply thinking.

“Don’t worry. The effect of the dream will remain for some time. What have you seen in the dream?”

“Don’t ask. May be I could not tell you”. His tone had impressions of anxiety. “Take rest. I will just go for prayer now”. She stood near him for a while then turned off the lights and lain again.

He remained standing near the window.

One after another the calls of Fajar prayer were now coming from mosques around. He turned his back and started looking outside the window.

He had been dreaming for many years. The strange and complicated dreams, each and every feeling of the dream kept imposing on his mind. Faces of people whether familiar or strangers, each and every thing, each and every action he could never forget anything.

But this dream was so astonishing that even he was feeling agitation, thinking about it. Impractical thing included in the impossibilities which can never be seen with awakened eyes. “What could be the meaning of this dream? What is it indicating? And its interpretation…..what would be? Don’t know what it could be?” These were the thoughts which were taking everything with their flow.

He never considered the dream as hallucination. He had given importance to dreams and that’s why instead of watching these dreams for many years, he had not contacted to any psychiatrist. “And both of them…….?”

The current of thoughts was now towards something else.

“The girl is certainly…….she is. I can recognize her innocent face among the thousands”. His eyes had an impression of worry.

“But…..the guy, he could not be…….but was just like him. The same broad forehead, the same height and dimensions and same features”.

He was agitated in real this time.

“And their so strange and profound relationship……don’t know what is going to be happened in future”. He folded his arms on the chest and took a deep breath.

“Whatever it would be, would be better and perhaps slowly and gradually, like always happen things will be explained automatically. And just then I would be able to reach at some conclusion”.

Hayi-alal-Falah(Come to the Success)”

Calls of the prayers, incising the pin drop silence of the darkness were giving his heart a feeling of satisfaction.

“The dream will be a reality”. Someone had whispered inside his heart.

Hearing the last echoes of Allah-u-Akber (Allah is the greatest), he was grasped in another strange feeling.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter no. 2: The Dream (I)

It was a valley, from all four sides surrounded in between large mountains a beautiful and a very strange and astonishing valley. There was the shade of the clouds on mountains at some places whereas somewhere the golden and bright sunlight was also spreading from the sun hidden behind the clouds. Don’t know what time of the day it was, he could not have an idea with the light and direction. Whether the day was rising or downing, this was difficult to decide.

He had looked the very strange valley for a long time standing at his place, and then curiosity forced him to move ahead. The mountain near which he was standing was so high that it was difficult to guess its height.

Now he had started moving ahead looking in front of him.

The valley was so vast and huge. He had come a little further and just then he had felt that there was something unusual.

He stopped himself and tried to feel that sensation. He had understood the reason.

The place from where he had started walking the weather was pleasant out there, neither so cold nor so hot. By looking greenery and feeling the breeze which had brought the message of spring, he had not any idea in any corner of his mind that in this valley when walking ahead, he would have to face the strange weather like this.

Where he was standing now, he could feel the sense of two opposite kind of weathers at his right and left in front of him.

The air which was entered in his right nostril was immensely hot, when the hot desert breeze blows likewise he could felt his nose and face burning from the right side. Exactly opposite to that the wind that was entering into his left nostril was much cold and chill, like somebody has put up Antarctica on his left side. He had felt the shivering of his body due to the freezing winds.

Not only his senses but now eyes also had proved the existence of two different weathers there. With freezing senses and singeing body at the same time, he had now started looking in front of him; however he could not have the courage to take a step even could not move from his place, he could only see and think to some extent.

On his right side at some distance, the range of scorching sand of the desert was initiating which was ending at a mountain, although where he was standing now still there was greenery. But still in this wonderful and strange valley there were further things which he had to see. Exactly the same place on left side was covered with thick layers of snow and the range of this snow was also ending at a mountain. Therefore the valley after some distance was distributing into two equal parts; half was deserted area whereas rest of the half area was snowcapped. Both of these were separated by a border-line that was only visible due to the brown sand and white snow.

He had never seen a very strange view like this in his whole life. Then he looked, for a while to desert and then the land covered with snow. Unintentionally, he looked with an attentive sight and just then he felt that his perception that he is alone in the valley was absolutely wrong.

At the large snowy area, there were ice slabs of different sizes. It was felt that these slabs have been detached from mountains just a short earlier. In one of these slabs, which was not very far from him, looking very carefully he observed that a man was lying on the slab. He was surprised that in this cold weather how can a man with casual white clothes lie on the slab. He had probably died or if alive even then would have been taking his last breaths. Dark blue marks that were visible on his immaculate hands and feet were enough to believe that the blood of the man would have been frozen till that time.

He felt sad for him although he could not see his face very clearly.

Now he focused his eyes on the right side. In the desert spreading up to the mountain there was someone too but he was alive, who still had the courage to fight with the burning winds. Covered in black clothes from head to toe, the person was walking slowly and coming towards him. Then the person came near and just then he had an idea with the pace and style and dimensions that the person was a woman. He also could not see her face very clearly due to the distance in between, the woman was wearing black clothes and covering her head with black stole. She was bare feet and stopped at a place on burning sand. Then she turned her body and looked at the man across the border-line lying on the slab.

He could not understand that who the woman is? Where from she came? And what is she going to do now? Like a statue he stood motionless and had looked her.

The woman had now started to move towards the line. She stopped exactly near the line just for a minute, next moment she took a step and had kept it across the line on snow and now she was walking bare feet on the snow and moving towards the man lying on the slab. Her steps were trembling may be she could not bear the scorched cooling of the snow with bare feet.

Moving very slowly she reached near the slab. Passing the head of the man she stopped and had kept her hand over his right hand and remained in the same position for a while.

He just had looked astonishingly, never had seen this before.

The moment she had kept her hand over the hand of the man lying on the slab, the continuation of thick snow had started to melt itself. He could now feel hot breeze in his left nostril too.

In few minutes, all snow around the slab was melted and flew in the form of water, penetrating into the sand of the desert and making it cool, although the slab had still not melted.

He had felt like he can now move from his position. Involuntarily, he moved ahead in the suspense of this strange event.

Somewhat near to the slab, he stopped himself and stood there.

The woman was now walking towards the feet of the man lying on the slab.

He looked at the hands of the man; the blue marks were now vanished.

She had sat on the ground near the slab and now had kept her hand over the feet of the man.

He remained motionless and stood at his place. The blackish blue marks that were visible due to the frozen blood were now getting light, then he looked that those marks also vanished slowly and gradually. His eyes were now stunning due to the wonder. “Does the frozen blood can flow again ever?” He had not the ability to give answer of this question.

The woman did not move from her place and now had kept her hands on the soles of the feet.

He dragged himself with difficulty and came further near to the slab.

Impossibilities may happen like this in the world.

The man was taking deep breaths with closed eyes like he would have been taking rest after running so far. There was sweating on his forehead which was now penetrating into his hairs.

This was the limit of the surprise, a little earlier the body where blackish marks were found now perspiration was shining. May be it had happened with those who come back towards life after touching the limits of death in this valley.

He was a beautiful guy probably with the age of twenty four or twenty five and his face......he felt that he had known the man. His head now had started to whirl with surprise.

He had moved towards his feet and saw the woman with a nearer look who was sitting near the slab and rubbing the soles, covered with the black stole from head to toe. She was also a young girl; innocence and seriousness at the same time were making her personality attractive.

His body was burning; stars were revolving in front of eyes, it was difficult for him to control himself.

He was also familiar with the face of the girl.

In the last effort to think something, his mind had drowned in the profound darkness.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapter no. 1: The Beginning (VI)

Following Adnan, he was entered the internal hall of the club. It was a long rectangular shaped room which apparently looked like the dining hall of the restaurant, but actually was the casino. Both of them started to move ahead walking through the tables.

Dispersed cards of deck, wineglasses full to the brim, colorful lights stringing in eyes, trembling hands of drunken boys, staggered laugh of girls, the way from the left which was going towards the dance portion, nothing was much impressive for him. He was habitual to do everything in this world with his wish and with his style. The environment of night clubs could never succeeded to get his attention; mostly he started to feel suffocation there. He was the man who liked hunting in open air, riding in between large mountains, swimming in rivers and so he often had bewildered from the cold confinement in the vast centrally air conditioned rooms of the clubs.

Today, he was as usual was not ready to come here but due to insist of Adnan he was supposed to come for a while.

Both of them had now reached in the last portion of the hall where light and uproar both were intense as compare to the other portions. There was a match live telecasting on plane-sized flat screen TV that was fixed on the wall, and that’s why perhaps crowd of speculators was also there. There was betting from everywhere. If there was disappointment on one side then the shouts on the other side. Nobody was with any team, everybody was with his money. Adnan had also interest in betting but he very few times had betted.

Both of them had chosen a table. Adnan had called the waiter. Ilaaf did not feel interest in any other thing so he fixed his eyes on the TV screen.

It was a T-twenty match between Pakistan and South Africa which had now entered in its decisive phase. Chasing a target of 175 runs, South Africa had scored 98 runs and lost their four wickets in twelve overs.

Adnan had ordered for a drink, Ilaaf smiled as he knew that Adnan has craze for new brands almost every week which also had ceased in a very little time. But he had very strong nerves; even after drinking many pegs at a time he would often be able to control himself. Waiter had now reached Ilaaf.

“What would you like to drink sir?” he asked in English.

“Fresh lime with black pepper”. He rested his back against chair and answered being very calm.

“What Sir?” the waiter looked him like he probably had got horns on his head.

Ilaaf stared him from head to toe, “I am not used to repeat my words, so bring whatever I have ordered”.

“Yes sir”. He straightened being very confused.

“Does not anything else available here except alcohol”. Ilaaf now got interested in his confusion.

“No sir, certainly not, many kinds of beverages are available here”. He answered organizing himself.

“If this is right then why are you standing here, bring whatever I have asked for”.

“Yes sir”. He was perhaps disappointed, was not expecting that in the club where people come to drink the most expensive brands of alcohol, a man can order just for a fresh lime.

Fifteenth over had just started. Ilaaf finished his fresh lime just in one and a half minute. Adnan had started to drink his second peg.

Fifth wicket had fallen, now there was only one genuine batsman on crease who could lead South Africa towards the target. David Simon was famous for his powerful destructive batting in the world of cricket and just due to his capabilities, the hopes of South African team were alive otherwise tail was now exposed from the other end.

Ilaaf wanted to smoke a cigarette; he pulled out the pack of cigarette and lighter from his jeans pocket. The waiter was collecting the empty glass from the table; he saw Ilaaf taking out the cigarette and stopped.

“Sir, smoking is prohibited here”. Ilaaf held the cigarette between his fingers and put the pack back in his pocket.

“Doesn’t matter; tell me the way to smoking area, I will smoke there”. He was careless as usual.

“Sir, there is no smoking area out there”. He replied in an embarrassing manner.

“What a surprise? The illegal and forbidden thing in country is being provided and drunk so explicitly while the legal and allowed thing is prohibited”. He commented in a critical manner but waiter did not reply. Adnan had a smile on his lips.

“I will be back after smoking”. He stood.

Hearing the uproar, he again looked at TV screen. One more wicket had fallen, Pakistani fielder had taken a difficult catch at mid wicket position, but David Simon was still at the crease.

South Africa will lose the match”. Those who had a bet on Pakistan were madly happy.

“David Simon is still not out, and he can change the scenario of the match any time”. Ilaaf looked the healthy man with grave voice, who had probably betted for South Africa. “Perhaps you people have never watched the play of David simon, cover drives and cut shorts are just his specialty”. His age was probably thirty to thirty five, he was just an averaged speculator in cricket and Ilaaf had surprise on his incomplete information. “Always holds bat from the upper side and that’s why hits sixes standing at his crease”. The same moment David Simon played a cut short on third man boundary and got four runs. The man had uproar with happiness as this four has stamped on his comments.

“Indeed, David Simon is a very good cricketer but may be you are neglecting his one downside”. Ilaaf came forward a few steps from his table. People that were around looked him. “How many times David Simon played well mostly these were the first batting, his second batting record never remained impressive very much. The pressure of second batting and in the T-twenty match, David Simon can never lead South Africa for the win”. Ilaaf commented on the match condition very seriously.

The man had now stood, “It seems that you have also betted on Pakistan”. He perhaps did not like the remarking of Ilaaf, his tone was not friendly,”You want to see Pakistan wining”.

“Neither I waste my money for betting on cricket matches nor I am interested that who gonna win this match, Pakistan or South Africa”, Ilaaf answered him with a critic smile on his face. “I am just talking about David Simon because I am well aware from his play”.

The man got rigidity on his face, “Let’s see what happens”. Saying in a strange manner he was seated back.

Ilaaf had an outlook on the screen then he moved towards the exit door right beside the counter, smiling. Fifty five more runs were needed to win the match on thirty balls.

The outside gallery that was going towards the entrance of the club, standing there in open air, he smoked two cigarettes continuously then he came back inside.

He looked Adnan reaching near the table, “Are you gone out of your mind, Adnan? How much will you drink? Stop now”. He said sitting right in front of Adnan and looking in his intoxicated eyes.

“This is the last one buddy”, he was still holding his nerves.

Ilaaf rested his back with chair smiling and had a sight on TV screen. Thirty two runs were needed to win on fourteen balls.

On the very next delivery, David Simon using his feet came out of the crease and hit the ball hard on leg-side. The uproar in the hall was now deafening the ears. The fielder came running from long-on boundary, the catch was difficult but due to the fact that ball was in the air for a while, he had got time to adjust himself. Just two steps within the boundary; he fixed his feet in the grass, taking the catch with safe hands he brought an end to the innings of David Simon. Likewise the crowd in the ground, the people there had a cheering uproar and the speculators who had betted on Pakistan were dancing madly. They had cheerful cries and loud hooting.

Ilaaf looked at the man. Bowed on the table he had taken his head into his hands. Ilaff had got a deeper smile. Next three players were proved to be the guests just for five deliveries. Pakistan had won the match for twenty nine runs.

Ilaaf stood, Adnan was paying the bill. He came towards the table. Who had lost were counting and handing over the money and those who had won were collecting. The man was still in the same position.

“Hey buddy, make yourself sad on the funeral of South African team later on, first take out the money of the bet”, an intoxicated guy hurled a sentence on him.

“Yes, now there is no worth to be sad, friend. David Simon is immature and inexperienced; he could never have taken South Africa towards the win”. Ilaaf had sympathy for him in his tone.

The man dragged his head up after hearing Ilaaf’s voice and stared him. Ilaaf looked him smiling. The man stood. Ilaaf now had an idea that the man did not like his remarks.

“I know very well about the bookies like you. At first, you buy the players and fix the match and then settle your people in clubs and casinos to cheat people and to get their money through betting”. His tongue had started pouring out the poison.

Adnan was now standing beside Ilaaf.

“What rubbish are you talking about? Perhaps losing the bet has made you crazy, don’t waste your money next time on these nonsense bets otherwise you will lose your mind for rest of the life”. Ilaaf knew very well that what and how should give the answer of things like that.

“You, yesterday’s child, you will teach me lesson. Rather than I will set your brain”.

Adnan tried to move ahead but Ilaaf stopped him with his hand. If there would another time then he would never had done this as Adnan knew how to cope with misbehaved men but now he was drunk and Ilaaf did not want Adnan to get a single scratch even just due to him. “I will deal him myself”. Adnan went back thinking something. Ilaaf again looked the man.

“Neither I am a bookie nor do I have any need to fix the match. If you have lost the bet then face its result. Don’t try to get your anger out at me like this”. His tone was now rigid and alarming. He wanted to occupy the matter with his tongue in any case.

“You have got very long hands, have approach to foreign cricketers, most probably your network is so vast, but remember it’s not easy to cheat me. You don’t know who I am, you bastard bookie”.

It had taken just one second to come out the lava from that volcano. All nerves and senses of Ilaaf were stealth away by a single abuse. Sparks were blustered from the blood-stained eyes, the next moment he had over-turned the table with his hands. From the powerful jerk the man had been fallen away few steps. Everyone standing there was moved away; people from other corners of the hall were also gathered.

Ilaaf pounced like a tiger, set the man on feet and pushed on the inverted table. The wooden table got cracked into two pieces. The man could not manage himself and Ilaaf griped his collar, set him again on feet by dragging and threw him on the counter with his full power.

The crowd was surprised. The man was healthier than him.

Ilaaf moved ahead, bowed on counter again griped his collar and pulled him out and kicked on the floor. His face and head was bleeding due to smashing with the counter wall, but Ilaaf still had not taken the complete revenge of that abuse.

Manager and other staff were also gathered there but no one had courage even to try to stop the angry lion. They were standing helplessly biting their lips.

Ilaaf walked like a wounded beast towards the man. In the whole time the man for the first time got time to handle him.

After having a sign from the waiter, the manager came towards Adnan. He knew Adnan very well and now perhaps Ilaaf also.

As Ilaaf reached the man, he bowed down on the right side, saving himself and then tried to kick Ilaaf from the back side. Ilaaf’s trick had gone wasted but he was specialist of these things. He turned quickly, defend his blow with his hand and hit a punch on his nose with other hand. A fountain of blood was blustered from his nose; the man moved back and held his face due to pain.

For the first time, Ilaaf smiled but this smile was monstrous like.

“Sir, please stop him, otherwise unwillingly I will have to call the Police”. Manager said to Adnan begging.

“Ok, I am stopping him. You don’t need to call Police and whatever loss you will be facing, it will be overcome. Don’t worry about that”. Manager looked Adnan with a thankful sight.

Police could not harm Adnan and Ilaaf but Adnan did not want to raise this matter further. For him, this was the wastage of time. How much Ilaaf had beaten the man, it was enough for his satisfaction and in any way he always wanted to keep Ilaaf away from these things.

Ilaaf took hold of his collar and said in a bewilder manner.

“Ilaaf Laashari is my name, you heard Ilaaf Laashari”. His grave and screamed voice had spread the graveyard like silence in hall. “Nobody has ever talked to me in loud voice and you….how dare you to call me with an abuse”. The man’s last courage was ended just due to Ilaaf’s introduction. He was just gone wretched.

Adnan held Ilaaf’s left arm, “Ilaaf leave it. Let him go”. For the first time Adnan had an idea after looking his red face that his anger is touching the limits.

“The man who called Ilaaf Laashari with an abuse can never be released so easily. I still haven’t paid off his debts”. His tongue was emitting hot coals. Adnan was worried for the first time.

“No Ilaaf, there is no worth to pull the matter. This lesson is enough for him. For many days, these hurts will remind him about his mistake”. The tone of Adnan was so strange.

Ilaaf looked in Adnan’s eyes. Adnan stroked his shoulder gently, “He would be himself anybody, but may be he did not know that who you are? Otherwise he would have thought thousand times before even speaking to you”.

The startled fire had now cooled to some extent.

Ilaaf turned his head and looked the man. The expressions of weakness and helplessness were apparent in his eyes.

Ilaaf had loosened his grip and left his collar, he even then did not move from his position.

“Before calling anybody with an abuse after today, just think that you will be responsible for the outcome yourself”. He spoke chewing every word. The man did not answer him.

Ilaaf turned and unconcerned from all sides taking long steps, moved out of the hall. Everyone standing on his place was looking him. Adnan followed him.

The speed of Ilaaf was so fast that Adnan after coming downstairs was supposed to run to some extent in order to reach him. Both of them walking one after another came out from the main gate of the club and reached the opposite side of the road where Land Cruiser of Ilaaf was parked in a corner.

Adnan finally approached him till reaching the car.

“Ilaaf, what happened to you? What have I done to you? Why are you running away from me?” Adnan stopped him holding his arm.

“You had taken me along here forcefully. You know that I don’t visit the clubs due to the same reason; people drink so much that they feel no difficulty to say anything to anyone while they are drunk and you know very well that I am very touchy in this case. It’s impossible for me to bear my insult”. He rested his back with the car saying angrily.

“Yes, I know but I had taken you with me here to bring a pleasant change in your life. This is another thing that I could not get the chance and whole plan ruined”. Adnan smiled in a witty manner.

“What it means? Which pleasant change?” He was amazed on this disclosure.

“So many days have passed you are been to Pakistan, and just because of you I also limited myself to come here. Today I was in mood to have fun, had thought that after drinking will take you to the dance portion forcefully. The most beautiful girls of the city are found there, and therefore perhaps any butterfly might attract you and colors might come in your life”. Ilaaf looked him with very strange sight.

“The girls whom you call beautiful, I have never found anything on their faces except the layers of make-up. If they are so beautiful then why do they use cosmetics?”

Adnan smiled on his critical comment, “Make-up is always used to high up the beauty, Ilaaf”.

“And I feel Nausea to look at their painted faces and red lips”. His tone had serious disgust.

“Don’t know which type of beauty you want to see Ilaaf. Houries could not be presented to you in this world”.

“I don’t know how beautiful Houries are and even I have no desire to see them. I just want to see the complete beauty, which would have no defect, no rumple, and no flaw, which would have attraction even without cosmetics, jewellary and make-up. Never one could be fed up looking it, never could be felt disgust and bore”. He kept on saying in a thought.

“Then wait, this beauty could not be found in this world. I just take three weeks to be fed up with a face even if it is stunning”, Adnan said vividly.

“It’s found, everything is found”. Both of them turned on that stranger voice. “Complete beauty is also found in this world; just the seeker should have true courage”. Ilaaf and Adnan looked. He was a man sitting somewhat away from the car on pavement. By appearance, he looked like a beggar but don’t know who he was, an ascetic, insane or someone else. His hairs were long which were dispersed on shoulders. He was just looking Ilaaf.

“Complete beauty, careless, unconcerned beauty”. His voice was grave but the tone was so strange. Ilaaf stood straight. “But for the desire of complete beauty necessary to have a complete Passion, first bring the heart of a lover. But no when beauty will be seen then heart ultimately will become the heart of lover. Then love will become the beauty and beauty will become the love”. He finished and started laughing.

There was a wave that had rustled in the whole body of Ilaaf, for just one moment he had remembered the security guard of street club.

Adnan wanted to move on to stop that madman but Ilaaf held his hand. “Leave him. Sit in the car. Let’s go home”.

Adnan had a round about movement to come at the other side of the car and so then he looked at the back of the car, “Ilaaf, so your car has got a name finally”. Ilaaf smiled on his comment.

“Yes, just kept it day before yesterday”.

“White fairy”, Adnan repeated the name and sat in the car.

Ilaaf opened the front seat door and before he would sit, turned and looked for the last time. The madman was still laughing.

He was captured in the very strange impression for a while then during driving everything got better.

“The anger which emerges sometimes from inside your body Ilaaf, it is just due to the reason that you have kept the blessings of the life away from yourself. For just once take the taste of these things, and if you would have not come to the line even, then change my name”. Ilaaf felt like laughing.

“I will keep your name Shaikh Chilli, isn’t it the good name”. Adnan started laughing too. “Please forgive me. Rohail does right as he keeps himself away from you and your activities”.

“Leave him. He is the first number feeble and weak, finds the way of escape and preservation everywhere the coward one, fears from bloody fights and killings like the girls”. Adnan made an awful face when answering.

“He does right from his side”. Ilaaf replied laughing on his remarks.

“Are you taking effect from him?” Adnan said with a worry.

“No. Don’t worry; I do not take effect from anyone, neither yours nor his. I am born just one of my own name in the world”. Ilaaf turned the car on the road that was going towards the house of Adnan.