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Chapter no. 11: The Contention (II)

Darkness, silence and loneliness; she felt like she is standing in a dark congested street.

“Ilaaf.” She called softly, “Where are you? Don’t go away leaving me alone. I am scared from this darkness.” And then perhaps Ilaaf had heard. Qandeel had seen a light.

He was just Ilaaf who came near walking, and with the light of the earthern lamp he was holding in his hand, the entire darkness of that street just vanished.

Qandeel looked in the light of the lamp, he was smiling. Qandeel smiled, and her fear just broken. But just that moment she heard somebody was crying. She turned her head to the right side and looked, at the end of that congested street along with the wall there were sitting Arsheen and Rukhsana Aunty and they were crying, and ahead of both of them exactly at the mid of the street she was Nausheen who was lying down on the earth injured, her head was bleeding.

Qandeel got worried for all three of them. She wanted to help them. She wanted to console Arsheen and Rukhsana Aunty and make them stop crying, wanted to know the reason of their crying and wanted to dress Nausheen's wounds.

She looked Ilaaf turning back. He was standing so close to Qandeel, so close that Qandeel’s head was touching his arm bit low down to shoulder.

“I am just coming back.” She said shortly and moved ahead to the right side but Ilaaf had stopped her holding her hand.

Qandeel looked Ilaaf turning back. In his other hand there was the lamp, Qandeel could see everything clear in that light.

“Don’t go there, Qandeel. Whatever you are looking is not real.” Ilaaf said, “That is just a ruse, not the reality. Just I am the truth and reality, and this lamp, the lamp of our love.”

Qandeel tried to get free her hand. “I am just coming back. They are in pain. Let me go, Ilaaf. They need me.” Ilaaf didn’t leave her hand.

“I need you more than them, Qandeel. Don’t go, stay with me.”

Qandeel wanted to go. She couldn’t understand why Ilaaf wasn’t letting her go to them just for a while.

“Leave my hand.” She spoke in bit irritated way, and then with her full power tried to get her hand free from his hold, and just then during that contention Qandeel’s hand hit the left hand of Ilaaf, and the lamp he was holding in his hand……had fallen down on the ground.

Qandeel looked, as soon as lamp fell down and broken darkness came and spread all around. Qandeel moved her hand in that darkness, Ilaaf wasn’t there. The crying sounds were nowhere and once again, there was the furious silence everywhere.

“Ilaaf.” She yelled, but this time Ilaaf hadn’t come even on her calling.

She opened her eyes very slowly, and looked the ceiling in front, then looked the ceiling fan hanging there whose three wings were moving with a low speed, and looking that view there was another scene just revolved in front of her eyes.

The collision of three cars, and loss of three lives. Qandeel suddenly got up.

The room had some darkness; Baba was sitting on a chair in front of her. Qandeel looked at her white stole kept on the bed, and looking the white color she remembered the white land cruiser which was of Ilaaf Laashari.

“He is murderer.” She muttered, and just then she looked Baba raising his head. Leaving the chair he came towards her.

“Qandeel, my daughter. Thanks God you have waked up.” He sat near her on the bed. Qandeel looked him.

“He is murderer. He killed all three of them.” She felt her eyes were misted. “He killed Arsheen, Nausheen and Rukhsana Aunty, Baba.” She yelled. Baba held her arms.

“Everything will be alright, Qandeel.” She cried.

“He is a liar, he is a cheater. He is a murderer and you asked me to trust him. You asked me, Baba. Everything happened because of you, just because of you.” She hugged him while crying, and felt bit safe in his soft arms.

“Everythig will be alright, Qandeel.” He was patting her head.

“He is a murderer. He killed them.” She kept sobbing.

Then Baba moved her away from him and laid her down on the bed again. Keeping her head on the pillow Qandeel looked Baba.

“He is a murderer.” Baba started patting her forehead with his warm hands.

“Take rest, everything will be alright.”

For a while she kept crying then felt like drowsiness.

“He is a murderer.” These were the last words and then once again darkness spread everywhere.

Didn’t know how many centuries passed, and when she waked up again the room was still dark, but Baba wasn’t there. She got up and just then felt that she was hungry and at the peak of hunger was feeling her heart was drowning.

She took her stole from the bed and rose. Her feet were just lifeless, in a very slow motion taking steps she came outside and moved to the kitchen. Didn’t know what part of night it was, she couldn’t see the time before leaving the room.

She opened the fridge; there was nothing inside which she could have eaten immediately. So, she fried an egg, toasted the bread, made tea and poured in a mug, and then sitting on the table had her meal. Just after taking few morsels she felt her throat was aching due to thirst. She got up again and came to fridge. Opening the door took out the water bottle and just then there was a flash in her mind.

Closing the door she kept standing where she was.

A film was just being played inside her mind. Each and everything, each and every face, she remembered everything. Didn’t know how she dragged herself and came towards table, and then keeping the bottle over the table she sat on the chair.

“Arsheen, Nausheen and Rukhsana Aunty.” She muttered. “And Ilaaf…..” Her mind wasn’t able to think anything after that. She was feeling her senses were freezing, brain was senseless, and nothing was understandable.

She rose like a machine and came to Baba’s room.

Door was opened, Baba was sleeping. She came inside and reaching near the bed stopped.

“Baba.” She called Yousuf Mairaj.

Yousuf Mairaj opened his eyes then looking her immediately got up.

“Qandeel, when did you wake up? And how are you feeling now?” He made Qandeel to sit near him on the bed.

“I am fine.” She answered in a plane tone.

“Thanks God.” He smiled.

“How are Arsheen, Nausheen and Rukhsana Aunty, Baba?” This time the smile from his face was disappeared.

He bent his head down.

“Baba…..?” Qandeel had question in her tone.

“Arsheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi are not among us now.” Qandeel couldn’t breathe. “Nausheen is in hospital. Doctors are trying to save her life. InshAllah she will be alright.”

Qandeel wanted to cry but didn’t know why she didn’t feel crying.

“I want to go there, Baba. I want to see them.” She spoke in the same expressionless tone.

“Alright, but you have to promise me, Qandeel.” Yousuf Mairaj said in a serious tone.

“What?” She asked.

“You won’t let that to affect you much and you will behave courageously.”

“Nothing can happen to me, Baba. Nothing can happen now.” Didn’t know why saying this sentence she had felt something had broken inside her. What had broken she couldn’t know.

“Calls for Fajar prayer will be raised in a while. The funeral of Arsheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi is after Fajar prayer. Kaleem Sahib and Zehra Bhabhi will go as well, so we will accompany them. And then back from the graveyard will visit the hospital to see Nausheen.” Qandeel shook her head like a robot.

“You can get yourself fresh. Eat something; you haven’t eaten anything since night. We will leave in a while; I call Kaleem Sahib to ask when to leave.”

“I have eaten, now I am not hungry. Call me when you leave. I am in my room.” She came back to her room silently.

Shutting the door she came to bed and sat silently.

Body, soul and her mind were totally empty, and heart…..perhaps it was broken into countless piece, each of which was prickling in her breath.

If somebody’s life can be changed in minimum time then, for the first time in life the entire universe of Qandeel Yousuf was changed just in four days in such a way that now on thinking she was surprised that was her life totally different four days ago?

She looked time in the clock; it was nearly five in the morning. Sunday was on his way, and if this accident wouldn’t have occurred then perhaps after few hours she would have started preparations to go out with Ilaaf, but nothing was like that now.

She rose then came near the dressing table and saw herself in mirror. The shining of her eyes had been disappeared, and now was just emptiness.

“What have you done, Ilaaf? If you had to do all this then why did you flame the lamp of love in my heart? You devastated everything; you ruined the world of my heart.” A drop of water flew over her cheek from the corner of her eye. “But why am I crying? Not you, Ilaaf Laashari, I am myself responsible for this devastation, that I trust you without thinking about anything.” She rubbed that tear on her cheek first and then her eyes with so much cruelty.

“My foolish heart who considered your lies the truth without testing or analyzing, it deserved that you just trample it under the tyres of your car on the crowded road and go away. My mindless brain who favored you without examining your false claims, it deserves that now won’t let me face myself standing in front of the mirror rest of the life. And I myself, who fell in your trick considering her the most fortunate woman in this world, I deserved that you kill my trust in front of so many people and take your way.” She didn’t want to cry, not at least for a man like Ilaaf Laashari, then why was she feeling crying, why her tears were not stopped at the border of her eyelashes?

Baba had called her name, he was calling to leave.

Coming in the washroom she sprinkled some water on her face, and then rubbing her face with the towel came outside.

She had not to cry now, not to show anything to anyone, not even to Baba. It was perhaps good that she hadn’t talked to Baba about Ilaaf yet, because now it was not needed.

Covering her head with her stole she came out. Kaleem Sahib and his wife were waiting for her in the courtyard along with Baba.

Then they left for Nauman Hassan’s home. Kaleem Sahib, while on the way kept telling the details of events that occurred in the hospital the whole night. Qandeel felt, neither he or Zehra Aunty knew that at the time of the accident Qandeel was there at the foodstreet and that she had seen them dying in front of her eyes.

Zehra Aunty was saying something, but Qandeel couldn’t hear, just shook her head.

For her, everything around was now totally different, she just could see smoke everywhere, nothing was visible and clear.

The house of Nauman Hassan was in posh area of the city. The gigantic house situated on a large area was jam packed with men and women that moment. Yousuf Mairaj and Kaleem Sahib stayed outside among other men, Qandeel came inside with Zehra Aunty.

There were women everywhere, cries and mourns all around. She wasn’t able to understand anything, holding the hand of Zehra Kaleem she kept moving ahead following her making space between women. Finally they had to stop in a big room. Sisters and sisters in laws of Nauman Hassan were sitting around those two dead bodies.

Qandeel wanted to inhale but suffocation was so high that she was feeling irritation. She went ahead with Zehra Aunty. The faces of both of the bodies were covered with shroud. Qandeel wanted to see them but she hadn’t the enough courage to remove the clothing with her hand and could see their faces.

Then standing ahead her, Zehra Kaleem moved her hand and removed the veil from the faces of both of them one by one to have a final look.

Didn’t know which window of the room was left open, through which a blow of wind came inside and the stole of Qandeel was slipped from her head. She kept looking them without blinking her eyes.

There was a grievance at the silent faces of Arsheen and Rukhsana Nauman, some complain which was only visible for Qandeel because that complain was to Qandeel.

Their faces were once again covered with the clothing of the shroud. Zehra Aunty made her to sit at a place there holding her hand. She sat very silently, and her mind was just entangled with the complaint on their faces. She kept sitting. The women were crying, were speaking, were mourning, but she didn’t remember to hear or see anything. She wished to cry but didn’t know why despite of trying she couldn’t cry. Perhaps the griefs one after the other had made her broken heart a stone.

Then she saw, the women were diverged and few men came inside; Nauman Hassan, Saqib, Baba, Kaleem Sahib and some other men. Qandeel had seen the grieved and tired face of Nauman Hassan, had seen the wet and swollen eyes of Saqib. She felt like somebody has imprisoned her in a cage where no fresh air passed thorugh for years. They were about to carry the bodies, were taking them for the funeral. The countdown had been started and Qandeel……that moment she felt extreme hatred for herself. But why was she feeling hatred for herself? She should have felt hatred for Ilaaf Laashari, not to her. Ilaaf only was responsible for everything that happened; she was totally faultless and unconcerned from the entire matter then, why hatred for her….she couldn’t understand anything.

They had taken Arsheen and Rukhsana Aunty for having a long and peaceful sleep.

Even in such noises, Qandeel felt the silence of a graveyard all around.

Then she heard the call of Fajar prayer. Darkness wasn’t gone astray, even then the calls of prayer were the indication that darkness would go away after sometime, but Qandeel….the darkness that was spread over her life, perhaps couldn’t be vanished till the day of resurrection.

Why was it happening? Why was she feeling dark everywhere inside and outside? She had never felt so much darkness inside her before then, what had happened now that this darkness was not going away.

What had happened? Just that she had believed someone and that man had broken her trust. No doubt heart feels pain and misery when trust is broken, but world doesn’t end like this. Light doesn’t go away from life then, why Qandeel was feeling like she would never get light again in her life.

She didn’t know how long she kept sitting there, who was coming, who was leaving, nothing was recognizable for her. Like she has left her brain for roaming into the space, where no voice or view could be able to reach, and in that emptiness her brain was in a useless search in such a way like it has nothing else to do in this world.

When the hope dies then perhaps it happens like this. Each and every hope that she beheld with Ilaaf Laashari were killed in a single moment, so what was left with her now for the sake of which she could have tried to come into the previous environment.

Didn’t know how much time had been passed and she just raised her head when Baba came and called her name.

“Let’s go, we are getting late. Have to go to the hospital to visit Nausheen, and then will go home.”

Kaleem Sahib and Zehra Kaleem were leaving for home. They had spent whole night in the hospital, now intented to go home.

Qandeel came out along with Baba. The sky was clear but the air wasn’t blowing. Even at the mid of the February why the morning in Karachi was not cold? Why in Karachi, the winters come and go away like a swift blow of air? May be the coldness and senselessness was never suitable to this city. The city had loved the intense light and scorching shine of the sun.

Unusually Baba was quiet as well, throughout the way they didn’t talk much to each other.

There wasn’t much crowd in the hospital at this hour. Nauman Hassan and Saqib were already there; perhaps they had reached there straight from the graveyard.

Nausheen was still in I.C.U. Following Baba when Qandeel entered the long corridor with tiring steps then few other people were there along with Nauman Hassan and Saqib, who they were, Qandeel didn’t try to see, she just wanted to see Nausheen for a moment.

Reaching near Yousuf Mairaj had asked about Nausheen to Nauman Hassan and Saqib.

Nauman Hassan hadn’t any courage even to speak. Saqib hardly said.

“She is not well. Doctors are saying that Nausheen should wake up in next twenty four hours, otherwise…..” He stopped saying. His tone was wet.

Qandeel had very few times seen men shedding tears, and today looking Saqib crying like this she had felt that some griefs are able to make men cry and that grief was undoubtedly a great pain both for Saqib and Nauman Hassan.

“Otherwise she would go in coma.” Somebody had put Qandeel on gibbet.

Yousuf Mairaj consoled Nauman Hassan and Saqib one by one.

Saqib looked at Qandeel, perhaps he had hoped that Qandeel would console him too but Qandeel hadn’t anything to give to anyone now.

“I want to see Nausheen.” She just could say.

“Come.” Saqib moved ahead saying.

Both of them turned to right from the corridor. Yousuf Mairaj stopped there with Nauman Hassan, didn’t accompany them.

Then reaching the I.C.U. Saqib stopped there. Qandeel looked, he was getting puzzled, perhaps hadn’t enough courage to go inside. He asked Qandeel to go inside.

Didn’t know what happened, Qandeel wished to run away. She didn’t bear the courage to see innocent Nausheen fighting the war of life and death, but she couldn’t go back from that place. Pushing the door hard she entered inside. At both sides there were high glass walls. She kept moving, and then at the very end of that lane she had seen Nausheen across the glass. Entering the room was prohibited, Qandeel stopped reaching near the glass door and kept looking.

She was Nausheen who was fighting against death with the support of machines. Her breathing, which was connected with the ventilator hadn’t chosen yet one among the eternal sleep and temporary waking. She got the bandage on her head. There were blue marks on her face and hands, and her left arm was totally hidden under white bandages. She was unconscious and according to doctors, it was necessary for her to wake up in next twenty four hours.

Keeping both hands on the glass, Qandeel hardly controlled herself and then rubbing her wet eyes requested to God.

“Oh Allah, give back life to Nausheen. Save her life. We already are guilty for the death of Arsheen and Rukhsana Aunty. Giving life to Nausheen please prevent us to be guilty for another sin.” Whatever had to come out during pray was delivered, but then she thought about the word “we”.

Why did she use this word? Had unknowingly she considered Ilaaf and herself one during pray, but she wasn’t the part of this crime. She wasn’t responsible for death of Arsheen and Rukhsana Nauman and this state of Nausheen then, why this word came out from her tongue.

What was happening with her? What strange confusion was inside her, what a question it was whose answer wasn’t possible?

“Pray for Nausheen, Qandeel. It may happen that God accepts your pray.” Qandeel looked turning her head, Saqib was standing besides her.

Qandeel shook her head rubbing her eyes.

“Have faith on Allah, Saqib bhai. Everything will be alright.” Consoling him Qandeel felt her words were extremely hollow, because inside she knew nothing will be alright now, whatever will happen would be worse.

“I left them smiling laughing in front of you, then how all this happened? Everything destructed Qandeel, our home ruined in a single moment. I can not see Abbu in such a state, first the grief of Arsheen and Ammi leaving us, has made him so much enervated, and now if something happens to Nausheen then…..” Perhaps Saqib had lost the courage to say something further.

Qandeel remained silent for a while. So, even Saqib didn’t know that she was present there at the site of incident and had seen everything.

She kept her hand over his shoulder.

“Have courage, Saqib bhai. If you lost the courage then, who will take care of Nauman Uncle.” Saqib shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

“Thank you, Qandeel. Both you and Yousuf Uncle are a great support for us. You always helped us in every difficult phase of our lives.”

“We are still with you, Saqib bhai.” Saying this sentence didn’t know why Qandeel felt like she is lying.

If Saqib came to know that the man who is responsible for this accident, Qandeel already knows him then……what could be his reaction, it was hard to guess for Qandeel.

Both of them came out of the I.C.U. very silently, and just then somebody called Saqib on his cell phone.

Saqib asked her to stop, and then receiving the call moved bit ahead while talking on phone.

“Yes Khawar, what is the news? Did police get some success in search of Ilaaf?” Qandeel was little far but could hear his voice very clearly.

Then hearing the conversation of Saqib she knew the entire situation.

Finally arrest warrants were being released against Ilaaf Laashari and police was searching Ilaaf, but he was still fugitive and they were unsuccessful to find him.

Qandeel felt, somebody stabbed a knife in her chest.

“I will find out him even if he escapes to the hell. He destructed my home; I will not sit peacefully until I see him at the execution.” There was so much hatred, disgust, and determination in the tone of Saqib that Qandeel was shaken inside out.

For a while Saqib kept cursing Ilaaf and his family. Qandeel hardly was standing controlling her fragile body in a storm.

If Saqib would know that what was her relationship to Ilaaf and that just one day ago she had decided to award Ilaaf the highest rank in her life then……no perhaps for sure he would have hated Qandeel as much as he hated Ilaaf.

The journey way back was difficult. Even in the daylight Qandeel felt darkness everywhere. World suddenly had gone so dark, sun suddenly had become angry to the earth.

She kept walking behind Baba like a mchine. Where he stopped, where he turned, where he moved, she remembered nothing, just could recognize the door of her home.

Coming inside Yousuf Mairaj shut the door then looked her.

“You are very tired, have some rest. I will take rest too. This is Sunday, so we will have breakfast bit late.” Shaking her head like a lifeless object, and carrying the load of her body she came towards the room. Shutting the door, bolted it and then got onto bed.

Lying down on the bed she hid her face with the pillow and then……there was a flood inside her eyes which took everything with its flow breaking the belts of her eyelashes.

Everything was wrecked, everything; her world, aspiration, faith, hope and she herself….everything just wrecked. She wished to spend her rest of the life in that bolted room, lying on this bed, hiding her face in this pillow; never to go outside, never to face anyone, never to answer anyone’s questions, never to make an eye contact with anyone.

She was not hypocrite, she couldn’t tell lies, couldn’t stop the state of her heart being expressed with her eyes and face, couldn’t act to be happy and living.

And it was just true. When the heart dies and desire is being killed then how long one can act to be living?

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Chapter no. 11: The Contention (I)

Everything happened suddenly and unexpectedly that for a while Rohail couldn’t understand what has happened, and when he understood then felt extremely sad and got extremely angry on Ilaaf as well, whose stubbornness, anger and carelessness had caused that worst accident to be occurred. But now after just few minutes of the accident, when Ilaaf was sitting like a stony figure between him and Shaiq then didn’t know why, Rohail felt mercy for him not anger. He had an idea that what would be the mental state of Ilaaf that moment, and that’s why in his own opinion the decision of Adnan to take out Ilaaf from the site of incident was hundred percent right. He knew Ilaaf since childhood, sometimes Ilaaf used to take steps being very emotional but overall in real, Rohail had never seen such weaknesses in Ilaaf which he and Adnan had possessed, even then unintentionally today Ilaaf had committed such a crime for which he deserved the accountability in every court of the world, and Qandeel…..some strange pain was penetrated inside him.

Standing on the foodstreet, Qandeel had seen Ilaaf committing this crime; in her court perhaps Ilaaf could never be able to get forgiveness and thus some high ranks. And Rohail couldn’t be able to support any one of both of his friends; he wasn’t able to declare anyone of them as right and the other wrong. In his view neither the sin of Ilaaf was so erroneous that he could never get forgiveness nor had he hoped that Qandeel would ever forgive Ilaaf for that.

Both cars were moving on the road heading towards the exterior of the city, and then at a place Adnan gave an indication to Jawwad to stop the car and both of them stopped their cars.

Jawwad came out of the jeep, Adnan got down as well.

“I admit that due to the fear of defeat, I cheated today once again, but whatever Ilaaf did in state of anger, I am not at all responsible for that.”

“Shut your rubbish, you know very well that Ilaaf hates cheating in game, even then you cheated and Ilaaf is not insane that he straight ahead hit your car, he hadn’t any idea that there is another car before your jeep.”

“Whatever it is, I am leaving for Lahore immediately after hiding this jeep. Before the time, my arrest warrants along with Ilaaf could be released, I have to reach Lahore in any case, and remember Adnan, if it came to me or they involved me then I will be supposed to record my statement against Ilaaf.”

Rohail looked, this time Adnan’s face went red due to anger and his eyes like got blood in them.

“Give these threats to someone else. Go and make efforts for your bail before arrest, do not worry about Ilaaf. I know very well how I have to save Ilaaf not to be arrested and got penalized. Go to hell and never show your face to me again, if you did then I will make trash of it.” For a while they kept arguing but then the situation became intensed, so Shaiq and Sahil sorted it out and moved away Jawwad and Adnan.

With rigid face, Adnan came back to the car and asked Rohail.

“Is Ilaaf alright?” Rohail turned his head and looked Ilaaf worryingly sitting next to him whose body was there, where was he himself, it was impossible to guess.

“Ilaaf is not well, we should reach some safe place as soon as possible and try to bring him back in his senses otherwise his condition will become worse. He is neither hearing me nor feeling my touch.”

Adnan was bit worried too.

“Don’t worry; we are going to the farm house. Nobody would be able to trace out us there and Ilaaf will completely be secured there. And what we have to do next, will decide once we reach there.”

Jawwad’s car went away in a while.

Shaiq went and took the driving seat on asking by Adnan. Adnan himself went to the side seat and started thinking.

Shaiq had started the engine then drove the car on the road going out of the city.

Adnan explained the address to Shaiq then called Qaiser Laashari from his cell phone, and told everything shortly to him. Qaiser Laashari after knowing everything considered it a better option for Ilaaf to go with Adnan and instructed Adnan to take Ilaaf at his farm house, till then he is trying to get bail before arrest for Ilaaf, and that until he gives any further instructions to Adnan, Adnan shouldn’t take any step himself and just should take care Ilaaf.

Rohail once again tried to bring Ilaaf in his senses shrugging him, but perhaps he was sleeping with opened eyes. When the outcome was zero then he tried to drop few drops of water from the water bottle in the car in the mouth of Ilaaf, but despite of trying a lot he couldn’t make any space between his sturdily compressed lips. Finally he felt irritated and left Ilaaf in the same condition.

Shaiq was driving fast on instructions of Adnan, they wanted to reach farm house as soon as possible. Then a long rice field started and Rohail got satisfied. He was sure that reaching farm house he would be able to bring Ilaaf back in his senses.

Way far from the road, farm house was near a small forest. Many years ago Adnan constructed this farm house with lot of passion and as usual the place for the farm house was chosen by Ilaaf. At the end of the forest there was a small river. From the backside windows of first floor rooms of the farm house, the view of the river always seemed beautiful. Ilaaf and Adnan used to visit here oftenly; Rohail just had come once or twice. The especiality of this place was that none of the friends of Ilaaf and Adnan knew about that farm house, and it was intentionally done on Ilaaf’s wish. He liked to be alone sometimes and just then used to come here along with Adnan.

Entering in the area, Adnan had called the housekeepers there at the farm house, and therefore before their arrival the central gate of the farm house was opened, and Shaiq took the car straight away inside. Parking the car Shaiq got down, and then on instructions of Adnan, got Ilaaf down from the car along with Rohail. Apparently Ilaaf was quite normal and breathing properly as well. They were making him to walk holding his arms and he was walking silently, but his face was plane. His eyes were shineless and fixed at single spot. His lips were still compressed and his body was cold just like ice.

They came inside. Rohail knew all housekeepers there. They were as fierce and strong from their faces how much they are with their physique. The personal opinion of Rohail was always that in order to be an employee of Adnan the very first thing that is needed are the health and fighting skills of man, and that he doesn’t avoid fighting.

Adnan instructed few of his men then he got a call on his cell phone from Qaiser Laashari, so he asked Rohail to take care Ilaaf and went out.

Rohail and Shaiq made Ilaaf to sit on the couch in the lounge, and then Rohail asked a servant to bring some warm water in a jug. Shaiq according to the instructions of Adnan, went to park the white fairy of Ilaaf in the backside garage so that it couldn’t be seen. Adnan was showing extreme care and perhaps he was doing right in his perspective.

After Shaiq left, Rohail looked Ilaaf. He was sitting on the couch motionless in the same way they made him to sit.

Rohail put off Ilaaf’s shoes sitting on the floor, and then socks as well and just then he felt, Ilaaf’s feet were extremely cold.

Adnan’s servant had brought the warm water in a jug and handed over to Rohail.

Rohail stood with jug in his hand exactly in front of Ilaaf and the very next moment he threw that water with full force over Ilaaf. Ilaaf’s eyes filled with water, his hairs, his face, his shirt, everything was soaked.

Rohail had an idea that it would work and the same had happened. Ilaaf raised his head with a sudden jerk and looked Rohail.

“Come into your senses, Ilaaf. Control yourself.” Rohail shrugged his shoulder.

“Where I am? And those three women, they are alive naa, Rohail? Somebody took them to the hospital or not? And Qandeel…..where is she?”

Rohail sat besides him.

“Whatever had to happen it happened, Ilaaf. Now think forward. Try to control yourself.” Ilaaf looked him then looked his wet body, his feet and hands, and then suddenly he got up.

“I have to go, have to save those women, they will die. Why you people have taken me here, I have to take them to the hospital.”

Rohail rose and blocked his way, then jerked both of Ilaaf’s shoulders.

“Don’t be mad, Ilaaf. Its not worth it, they have been died. Perhaps now their dead bodies would have reached hospital. Nobody can stop happenings, and nobody can bring back the past time.” Ilaaf kept looking him then Rohail had seen his eyes filling with waters, and his face just went white.

He sat down on the floor over his knees.

“What have I done? How it is done by me? I didn’t want to harm anyone, I was sure that Jawwad will control his car, and thus only his car would be affected, but……then how it all happened. Why couldn’t I see that car before Jawwad’s jeep and those innocent women…..” Rohail kept looking him with surprise.

He kept speaking and the tears were comig out of his eyes.

“I didn’t wish it to be happened ever, Rohail, then why did it happen?” He raised his head and looked Rohail.

Rohail sat on the floor on his tiptoes besides him.

“Control yourself, Ilaaf. It has been happened.” Fixing his palms on the floor Ilaaf bent his head down and kept sitting like this for a while then suddenly he raised his head and looked rohail.

“Was she Qandeel?” Rohail just kept looking the belief and disbelief in his eyes, and couldn’t give any answer.

Ilaaf held his collar moving ahead, and then asked in a bewildered manner, “Tell me, was she Qandeel?”

“Yes.” He left Rohail’s collar and moved back as somebody has kicked him back.

“She was Qandeel, she saw me. She will never forgive me, she will hate me.” He was muttering to himself then while speaking didn’t know what happened, Ilaaf started crying like a child. Rohail couldn’t decide what to do.

“She even wouldn’t like to spit at my face, she will hate me.” He was crying. “I am hate worthy. I, Ilaaf Laahari, murderer of three innocent women; I can be hate worthy for Qandeel Yousuf in this world, can not deserve her love. She should hate me, I deserve to be hated.”

Adnan came inside, and looking Ilaaf crying like a child kept standing silently for a while then went into the room at the right corner. After few minutes when he returned back then he had a syringe in his hand, he wanted to inject sleep inducing drugs to Ilaaf.

He indicated to Rohail, Shaiq was back as well. Rohail and Shaiq held Ilaaf’s both arms. He was still crying, didn’t try to resist a bit, and Adnan had injected the solution in the syringe in his arm very easily. Then Adnan held Ilaaf to stand, Rohail and Shaiq helped him. All three of them supported him and took him upstairs to his room, his sobbing was getting light and reaching the room he was simply unconscious.

Together they laid him on the bed. Adnan checked his pulse then covered his body with blanket and turned to Shaiq.

“Go and take rest in the room downstairs. I have asked Masood, he will bring your dinner there. Me and Rohail will stay with Ilaaf.” Shaiq went.

Both of them were seated on the couch.

“What will happen now?” Rohail looked at Adnan. For a while he had totally forgotten all conflicts among them.

“Nothing, let the night to pass, will see in the morning.” Adnan answered with seriousness.

“You talked to Qaiser Uncle? What does he say?” Adnan didn’t answer this question of Rohail for a while then he looked Rohail.

“Arrest warrants for Ilaaf have been released. Jawwad is right now at the safe side, because apparently Ilaaf is just responsible for this accident. Qaiser Uncle tried to prevent the release of arrest warrant, but Saqib Hassan has successfully registered the report against Ilaaf within three hours of the accident, using his resources and contacts.” Rohail squeezed his lips. Situation was really worst, and Saqib Hassan…..Rohail felt like he has heard this name somewhere before, where he heard didn’t remember that moment.

“Qaiser Uncle asked me to wait till the morning, hopefully Ilaaf will be fine till then. He is trying for the bail before arrest but this case is very complicated and insubstantial. See what happens, situation will be clearer till the morning.” Adnan, who usually didn’t use to care about any worry, was looking worried today.

“If he couldn’t get bail then…….” Rohail looked him leaving the question incomplete.

“Then Ilaaf will have to give himself in the hands of law.” Adnan was deeply thinking.

Rohail couldn’t answer.

“But even if it happened, will be for a very short period of time. As soon as the case will appear in the court, we will manage something to get Ilaaf released. No matter if Saqib Hassan has great contacts, he doesn’t have any idea about the power of Qaiser Laashari. We will never let Ilaaf to be proved as a criminal. This would be proved just as a coincidental accident in the court. And if in any case, matter didn’t turn out to be in our favor with a right way then, Adnan Bhatti knows well how to use the other means.” The determined tone of Adnan was showing that whatever he is saying, he has complete intention to follow it.

Personally Rohail had never liked the use of wrong means for Ilaaf to get rid of this case. He was an admirer of using legal ways, but he knew that it wouldn’t be possible for him to explain this to either Adnan or Ilaaf’s father. And in any case, this case was getting severity, and in such a situation he just could be able to see everything just like a silent viewer and in his opinion, even the state of Ilaaf wouldn’t be more than a viewer during the entire course. For Adnan, love and friendship of Ilaaf was important, whereas, for Qaiser Laashari, along with Ilaaf his dignity and honor were important too. The respect and honor that his family owns, his political good-will everything was at risk now, and allowing the criminal act to be proved on Ilaaf, he could never let his honor and good-will to be affected.

Roahil and Adnan kept sitting there for a while then being satisified towards Ilaaf came out. Adnan asked for the dinner. Both of them had dinner then sitting in the lounge they watched the news on T.V. Even after full four hours the burning news on every channel was still that one, and that’s why every anchor had Ilaaf’s name in his mouth. Rohail got the idea; coming days were going to be very difficult period of Ilaaf’s life.

Saqib Nauman Hassan was also shown. Out of three women affected from the accident, one was his mother while rest of the two, were sisters. Two of them were died immidately after the accident, while the third girl who was the younger sister of Saqib, was still alive and lurking between death and life.

Rohail prayed to God in his heart to save the life of that girl, and just then looking Saqib Hassan he remembered that where he had heard his name before.

Papa used to talk about him oftenly, his name was called respectfully in the business locality. During last few years, he had spread his business enormously, inside and outside the country very successfully, while his age and experience wasn’t much, but in less time the high success rate was the true evidence of his ability. Even with facial features Roahil felt he was just few years elder than him and Ilaaf, perhaps would be of same age of Adnan.

Adnan turned off the T.V. and started cursing media people in anger, who were flaming the incident purposefully just because Ilaaf wasn’t the son of an ordinary man but Qaiser Laashari.

“I will see all of them. Hundred of accidents happen on the roads of this city daily, even people die, but not the advertisement for each accident has been made on T.V. like this ever. Nobody can harm Ilaaf even a little as far as I am alive. I will see how they prove Ilaaf guilty.” He went downstairs muttering. Perhaps he had gone to give some special instructions to his men for the security at night.

Roahil checked the time, and then thought about Papa. He called Papa on his cell phone and told him everything in detail. Papa had got the news about this accident and that’s why he was worried for him as well. He tried to console him and told that may be he would have to stay here with Ilaaf few days, but as soon as the situation gets better he would back home. Faizan Quraishi asked Rohail not to interfere about anything and to keep himself away from the entire case, and then asking to take care he quit the phone.

Rohail breathed deeply unwillingly.

This was another very strange thing that at the time of the accident, he, Adnan and Shaiq were there with Ilaaf in the car, but except Ilaaf no one else had his name in the report that was registered, even not of Jawwad. Report was only registered against Ilaaf and the only reason was perhaps that among many people on the road out there, most of them only knew and recognized Ilaaf and his car, and that Ilaaf was mainly responsible for the accident. It was possible that after the initial investigations and hearing at the court, anyone among them or Jawwad would be declared as parallel party and included for the investigations but right now nothing like this had happened.

Adnan came back after a while. He told Rohail that he can use the room next to Ilaaf’s room. Adnan himself was going out urgently. He wanted to survey the area in order to have an idea that either this place is safe for them or not and that how much a chance exists that police could reach here searching for Ilaaf.

Asking Rohail to take care Ilaaf, he went back downstairs.

After that he came inside the room of Ilaaf.

Ilaaf was having a deep sleep and his face had an eternal peace what a child usually has. Rohail unwillingly felt pity on him. That peace was perhaps for just few moments, there was a vortex coming in the life of Ilaaf and it was pretty possible that Ilaaf couldn’t get that peace again ever.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Chapter no. 10: The Incident (VI)

Maryam was talking to Aapi on mobile inside the restaurant, and didn’t know what was happening outside. Her back was towards the glass door, and then while talking on phone she turned suddenly and just then her eyes went outside the glass door on the road.

She looked, outside on the road the car of Arsheen was crossing the restaurant and exactly behind her car, there was a jeep, and at the back of the jeep there was a white land cruiser. There was very little distance between all three cars. Arsheen was driving bit slowly and Maryam knew that on such a busy road this driving creates problems.

Maryam kept looking; perhaps the jeep coming at the back was trying to overtake her car, and giving horns as well, but on the narrow road the overtake was not easy. She looked coming near to glass window, the car of Arsheen had moved somewhat ahead and now the distance was increased between jeep and her car. But exactly then the front part of the land cruiser behind the jeep hit the back side of the jeep, Maryam was surprised, and had a feeling about some unhappening to be occurred. She quit the phone and came out, at some distance there was Qandeel standing and looking that drama on the road too.

While looking at the road Maryam moved towards Qandeel, and just then she felt like that white land cruiser was of Ilaaf and perhaps she had seen a glimpse of Ilaaf on the driving seat as well.

Exactly that moment the speed of the land cruiser went slow just for a moment due to which its distance with jeep increased a bit, but the very next moment the front part of the land cruiser had hit the jeep just like a bullet, jeep was light and couldn’t bear the sudden jerk, as a result it went ahead with the same speed and hit the four seater of Arsheen.

Maryam stopped and looked.

Due to that hit by jeep, the four seater jumped up few inches in the air then with like some frictional force went in a zigzag manner and hit the fence outside the restaurant at the left corner. The windscreen of the car got smashed and the front door was deeply dented.

For a moment Maryam became incensed, she didn’t understand what has happened, and when her senses started working then she had the idea that whatever has happened was very much erroneous.

The brakes of the jeep made a noise and it hardly stopped few steps back the four seater in the middle of the road, behind it land cruiser also stopped with a sudden powerful jerk and if it hadn’t stopped then probably would had hit the jeep.

Maryam looked worryingly at the four seater, she had seen the face of Arsheen’s mother, she was at the side seat and her head was bleeding, didn’t know she was alive or not.

Unwillingly Maryam shut her eyes due to the feeling of some pain and just then she thought about Qandeel, she turned her head and looked Qandeel standing few steps away, she was looking at the four seater too, and her eyes…….Maryam felt like her eyes had become stony.

She came close to Qandeel and just then she felt that Qandeel was not alright, Maryam was afraid that Qandeel might get CND attack, and she didn’t know how to control Qandeel in case if she got attacked.

“Qandeel.” Maryam called her name.

Qandeel didn’t hear, her eyes were empty, face was expressionless and color was pale.

Just then a boy from the winow of the jeep took out his head and yelled.

“Ilaaf, reverse the car, otherwise both of us will be in trouble.” He was saying waving his hands.

Maryam looked; Qandeel was starring the land cruiser like a statue.

She held Qandeel’s hand; ever-warm hand of Qandeel was extremely cold that moment just like the ice.

Maryam was worried. Qandeel was attacked by CND.

Exactly then the land cruiser was getting reverse, the eyes of Qandeel were moving with the land cruiser, as she wants to look something, to get rid of some disbelief in her eyes.

After it being reversed, land cruiser moved ahead, but then due to the traffic jam for a while stopped in front of Qandeel. Maryam looked this time somebody else was driving the car, whereas Ilaaf was at the back seat along with Rohail. Then she turned her head and looked Qandeel, she was either looking the land cruiser or Ilaaf Laashari, Maryam couldn’t decide anything.

Those were few moments, after that land cruiser moved ahead.

And behind the land cruiser the jeep went to the round about as well and Maryam was pretty sure that before the arrival of police at the site of incident, both of the cars would have reached some safe place.

She was worried for Arsheen, her mother and sister but there was crowd around the four seater and nothing was visible right now. Maryam prayed for their well being in her heart then she got worried for Qandeel.

Qandeel was still standing at the same place and her eyes were hanged in the air. Didn’t know what she was looking, was looking something or not. Maryam shook her arm but Qandeel was still motionless, and therefore for the first time Maryam had an idea that the condition of Qandeel was worse than it was last time. Last time, on the death of Wali Daad, Ghani was also there to help her and he had helped Maryam to handle the situation, this time Maryam was alone and Qandeel’s state was even worse.

She couldn’t decide what to do.

“Qandeel, come into your senses.” She jerked Qandeel’s arm, but even that was worthless.

Qandeel was just physically there, mentally and spiritually she was somewhere else.

And just in a while Qandeel’s condition became worst, all that wasn’t expected by Maryam had just happened.

Qandeel with a sudden jerk fell down on her knees, like her feet hadn’t courage to stand further.

“Qandeel.” Maryam tried to control her bowing down but Qandeel had already sat on the ground with both legs folded in a position of prostration. Her both palms were fixed on the ground, and face was just few inches above the ground. She was dragging her breath. Maryam felt, like she was having difficulty in breathing. Pounded sounds were coming out of her throat, just like someone is trying to throttle her neck and she would have become weary trying to take breath.

Sitting down Maryam straightened her, and then kept her head in her lap, and in order to normalize her breathing patted her neck and chest.

There was a huge crowd on the road but not the single man was attentive towards them, all of them were standing around the four seater just like the viewers.

Maryam heard the sirens of the ambulances. Then she had looked some media people reaching the site of accident one by one.

The place where both of them were sitting was bit far from the site of incident, that’s why no one had seen Qandeel or Maryam there.

The lips of Qandeel were sturdily compressed and now she was just breathing through her nose. There was nothing in her opened empty eyes, the shine that used to be there always, was vanished somewhere. She was looking Maryam in such a way like requesting.

Maryam felt crying, she was feeling herself very powerless, whom she could call to help her for her friend at such a place, where in the noise of Police mobiles and ambulance siren, in the crowd of people and chaos, there was no one who could hear her request.

She looked around and just then had seen a waiter.

Maryam called him. He came near. Maryam asked him to bring a glass of water. Perhaps the waiter had an idea that Qandeel is not well, so he immediately went to fetch water.

Patting Qandeel’s head with one hand she took out her cell phone from the other hand and called Kamran Ali. She told him shortly about the condition of Qandeel. Kamran Ali’s home was near that location. He asked Maryam to take care of Qandeel, and that he is going to reach there in ten minutes.

Quitting the phone Maryam looked, eyes of Qandeel were getting shut. She had gone into semi-unconscious state.

Waiter had fetched the water, Maryam took the glass from his hand and put to Qandeels’ lips and hardly making some space between her lips entered few drops, some of the water entered her mouth while rest fell onto her chin.

Paying thanks to the waiter she returned the glass, and just then she looked that the stretchers were being moved to the ambulances. One stretcher was already taken inside, she couldn’t see it. Rests of the two were moved into the ambulances in front of her. The stretchers were completely covered with clothes and Maryam just could see the hanging hands from the sides and blood-stained stoles.

Unwillingly her eyes were filled with tears. She had done reporting for her channel about bomb blasts and suicidal attacks several times, and had seen people losing their lives in front of her eyes. She was proved to be firm hearted in this case, but didn’t know why the grief of those three women died like this was felt intensively.

And Qandeel…..somehow she had some emotional attachment to all the family members, so going into such a state was not very much surprising on their sudden unexpected death like this, while only on the death of Wali Daad how her condition went unwell, Maryam had still remembered.

Police had kept the hurdles around the car and started recording the statements of the eye witnesses.

Qandeel’s eyes were completely shut and she was now completely unconscious, just was breathing very slowly. Maryam checked her pulse, it was normal and that’s why Maryam was bit satisfied.

Kamran Ali reached there before ten minutes, he had brought his car. Somehow they took Qandeel into the car, Maryam sat with Qandeel at the back seat. The moment Kamran Ali turned around the car from the round about and crossed the four seater across the road then looking the strength of police force there, Maryam had said in a disgusting tone, “They always have just one thing to do, not to follow the criminals but to observe the motionless objects.”

Kamran Ali asked about the details of the incident. Whatever Maryam had seen, told him and while telling the details had cursed Ilaaf and his friends how much she could.

Kamran Ali didn’t commnt, just kept thinking. What he was thinking, Maryam couldn’t have any idea. Then he told Maryam that he has already talked to Yousuf Mairaj and they were taking Qandeel home. Maryam remained silent, otherwise in her personal opinion it was better to take Qandeel hospital rather.

Along with Yousuf Mairaj, doctor Lodhi was at home, perhaps Yousuf Mairaj had called him. Qandeel was taken inside her room. Doctor Lodhi checked her pulse, and then looking Qandeel breathing very slowly like this, he had some expressions of worries on his face, that’s why may be unlike the last time, he asked the details of Qandeel’s condition. How long she kept looking the view after the incident, and what happened when she fell down, he had asked the detail about each and everything.

Yousuf Mairaj was looking Maryam and doctor Lodhi one by one silently.

Doctor Lodhi had given an injection of sleep inducing drugs to Qandeel and told that she would wake up after few hours.

All four of them came out silently, and coming out Yousuf Mairaj asked worryingly.

“Is there anything wrong, Usman? You never gave injection of sleep inducing drugs to Qandeel before.” Doctor Lodhi compressed his lips.

“It would be easy to know that is there something wrong or not, once Qandeel wakes up, Yousuf. Today, Qandeel is not breathing properly, it never happened before and that’s why I asked the detail of her condition to Maryam. Perhaps the shock of this accident was so intense that for a while Qandeel unknowingly stopped breathing and that’s why she still isn’t breathing well. It was necessary for her to sleep long, I am here and will keep observing Qandeel for a while, after that I would be able to decide that either it is needed to shift Qandeel to the hospital or not. I personally think that now her breathing will soon be normalized.”

“But it never happened before.” Yousuf Mairaj was extremely worried.

“Yes, it never happened before, Yousuf. But what it is that never happened, that has to happen someday. For this day I used to ask you to take Qandeel to England in order to get her check up by Doctor Scott. I am feeling as Qandeel’s disorder is getting some changes slowly and gradually, and these changes will either be hurting or beneficial for Qandeel, to say something about it is like random guessing, but one thing is for sure that…..Qandeel will have to face many more difficulties.”

Maryam had never seen so much tiredness on Yousuf Mairaj’s face before that day. He was seated on a chair and down his head started thinking.

There was silence for a while, nobody said anything then Yousuf Mairaj raised his head and looked Maryam.

“What had happened, Maryam? Tell me everything in detail.”

Maryam told him everything, whatever had happened in front of her two hours ago, and while telling all this, she had seen the weak face of Yousuf Mairaj went pale many times.

“Arsheen, Nausheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi……Ya Allah, what has happened? How would Saqib and Nauman be? Everything ruined, everything they had.” His eyes had tears and his tone was wet.

Maryam also told that Ilaaf Laashari is mainly responsible for this accident.

Yousuf Mairaj was like just become dumb, he wanted to say something but his tongue wasn’t supporting him. He asked for water to Maryam. Maryam went into the kitchen and brought the water in a glass. Yousuf Mairaj took few sips then having a deep sigh looked Maryam.

“Did Qandeel see Ilaaf there?” She couldn’t understand that why he has asked this question.

Kamran Ali was keenly observing Yousuf Mairaj.

“Yes, Qandeel had seen Ilaaf there, and in any case Ilaaf’s car is quite identifiable whose back side had “white fairy” printed on it in bold letters. I myself saw his car first and just could see Ilaaf later.” Maryam explained.

Kamran Ali squeezed his lips.

Yousuf Mairaj moved his head down, but he was much better now.

Then they went inside with doctor Lodhi. Doctor Lodhi had seen Qandeel; she was breathing in a quite normal way and was looking much better now. Doctor Lodhi consoled Yousuf Mairaj and then left. Kamran Ali accompanied him.

Maryam and Yousuf Mairaj sat beside Qandeel, and just then somebody called Yousuf Mairaj on his cell phone.

He went out and talked.

Maryam looked Qandeel. She was sleeping like didn’t get a chance to sleep for years.

Then Yousuf Mairaj came inside.

“Kaleem Sahib called, he is in hospital with Saqib and Nauman. They couldn’t save Arsheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi, but Nausheen is still alive……she was at the back seat and less injured comparatively, but she is not well right now. Doctors are trying to save her life.” Maryam had compressed her lips.

“The funeral of Arsheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi is tomorrow morning after Fajar prayer, if Qandeel gets better then I will go to attend the funeral otherwise it would be very difficult to go leaving Qandeel like this.”

Maryam remained silent, and knew that she herself would not be able to stay here with Qandeel, and the same had happened later. After some time, Ammi had started calling on phone, everyone was worried and wanted her to reach home as soon as possible. It was very late now, Yousuf Mairaj had got idea about her worries and that’s why trying to comfort her had asked her to go home. He was perfectly fine now and hopeful too that Qandeel will be well soon. Then he said to Maryam.

“It’s very late now, I ask Kamran. He will drop you at home.” Both of them came out one after other. Kamran Ali was watching the news on T.V. in the other room.

Every channel was telecating the same news about the same accident. Despite of the fact that it was a road accident, the news was the hot topic and the only reason was that Ilaaf Laashari, the son of Qaiser Laashari was held responsible for that accident. Anchors, newsreaders, analysts, everyone was arguing and discussing just one thing that would Ilaaf Laashari be arrested? Would he be standing in the court as the guilty? Would he and people responsible for this incident be sentenced what they deserve or like many other times, this case would also be ceased what has been happening for years? Would the influential people as usual be succeded to prevent them getting any penalty using their resources? Would it happen again or something would be changed?

For a while Maryam and Yousuf Mairaj kept hearing the news then Yousuf Mairaj asked Kamran Ali to drop Maryam at her home. Kamran Ali collected the keys from the table and rose to leave when the breaking news just being telecasted on the T.V.

They kept watching.

Finally, after whole three hours of the accident, the report was registered against Ilaaf Laashari, and his arrest warrants were being released.

They showed Saqib; Nauman Hassan and his other famiy members who were in the hospital, they were also shown. Immediately after the breaking news, commentary on the news had been telecasted, and according to the analyst Saqib Hassan had used his resources in order to register the report against Ilaaf Laashari otherwise it was not an easy task for him to do in such a short period of time.

Maryam after knowing the details got the idea that Saqib Hassan was not an ordinary man, and Ilaaf Laashari wasn’t seemed to get rid of this case so easily.

Police was searching for Ilaaf.

Maryam had seen an unknown grief on Yousuf Mairaj’s face, strange tiredness, and she couldn’t know why that tiredness had appeared.

Kamran Ali asked Maryam to come then went out of the room.

Before leaving the room, Maryam turned back and looked Yousuf Mairaj again.

He was watching the news silently sitting on the couch, and his face was now expressionless.

Then she went out, personally she was pretty satisfied now.

Ilaaf Laashari had committed a reprehensible crime, and so he had deserved the punishment in any case. It was an accident but Ilaaf Laashari was the only cause of this accident and that’s why accountable to get penalty as well.