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Chapter no. 4: Wali Daad (I)

The whole week had been passed. He wanted to leave for Karachi today in any case; already had told Naana Saaiyen last night; started his packing since morning. He was thinking to leave before day-break. Packing was completed and he was now having final check on his luggage when he got a message from Naana Saaiyen.

“Sahib has asked you to stay till lunch. Some of his important guests are coming from Khuzdaar due to an important matter. Sahib will also arrive till lunch and he wants you to be there.” Karim, the old servant of Naana Saaiyen had gone after informing him about the instructions.

A very unpleasant wave surged in his whole body. Ilaaf always got very angry whenever these sudden and uninvited guests had ruined his plans.

So, unwillingly he had to stay, in a very odd look he took his guitar and came downstairs besides the swimming pool. While coming towards pool he had ordered Karim to load his luggage onto the car; decided to leave immediately after lunch no matter what Naana Saaiyen would say.

He sat on the easy chair near the shade and looked the stagnant water of the pool.

His life was also stagnant like that water. He, who was fond of adventures, wanted a variation and change at every step in life, wanted to explore the jungles and deserts in search of something was living this motionless and stagnant life for last few months.

He was continuously thinking for last few months, trying to understand that what does he want to do in life? What’s that by doing which his thirst of doing something unknown could be satisfied? If he is searching something then what’s that? Why his seeking was still worthless? Exploration of which secret is always making him restless? What strange desire was inside him to whom he was not aware and could not know?

He felt a head-ache while thinking.

He was not interested in politics and felt that he would not be able to come into politics for next several years. For him, in Pakistan the same things were everywhere; Politics, feudal ship, business and…..perhaps lavishness also. After so many years, on returning Pakistan he had thought that may be certain things would have been changed, but it was not the case. Everything was the same, which made him pathetic but even then, without any reason, in last few months at least he had an idea that whatever he is desiring, it is here, somewhere on this land. What it is and where it is, he was still not known.

He took the guitar and with soft hands touched the strings.

“Talab kya hai, talab kya hai?

(What desire is, what desire is?)” A voice from his heart came out.

He really wanted to know that what really desire is, but he could never know. If he knew something then it was just that he had a desire for something and this desire had made him unpredictable. He could not do anything regularly or continuously.

“Talab kya hai, talab kya hai

(What desire is, what desire is?)

Is ki her Saans men balaa hai

(There is a monster in its each breathe)”

He kept repeating these two lines, was not getting any further words on that tune.

After few minutes, Karim informed him that guests have been arrived and along with Mujahid Baloch are waiting for him in the drawing room.

He handed over the guitar to Karim with the instruction to keep it in the car with the luggage, he himself moved towards the drawing room.

Along with Naana Saaiyen, there were three men. One middle-aged man while rests of the two guys were young probably few years older than Ilaaf.

Ilaaf after shaking hands with them sat, Mujahid Baloch introduced them one by one to Ilaaf.

All three of them were from same family. The middle-aged man named Qasim Ahmed and both of the young men were his nephews, who came from Nawab Shah to Quetta just to meet Ilaaf. Ilaaf was surprised, they could meet Ilaaf in Karachi then what made them to come here, but this surprise was vanished after few minutes and he could now understand the reason.

“I had talked to your Daada Saaiyen. He asked me to meet you and told about your presence in Quetta that’s why I called both of them from Nawab Shah.”

“Then perhaps there is something special otherwise they could meet me in Karachi, they didn’t have need to come Quetta.” His straight forward reaction sometimes had made others feeling embarrass. “Please tell me the reason in short, so it will not waste my time and I will be able to understand the matter very well.” He replied Qasim Ahmed very seriously.

“What could happen, son? Both of my nephews are grown by age but their wisdom is just in their ankles. Around Nawab Shah, my sister’s husband having several hundred acre land, after Father’s death both of them look after those lands. Hundreds of farmers and cultivators work on these lands and one of those farmers is, whose ancestors were also our cultivators. They were our farmers and were very faithful but their son……turned out to be very unfaithful.” Qasim Ahmed stopped to take breath for a moment but it was enough for Ilaaf.

“I think I would like to hear the rest of the story from you.” Ilaaf said while looking both of them. Qasim Ahmed opened his mouth to say something but Mujahid Baloch with his hand asked him to remain silent.

For few moments, both of them said nothing then one of them started saying.

“I am Nadir. I look after the most of the land affairs. Few years ago, that farmer somehow managed to collect some money and bought few canal lands in the neighboring village, keeping us uninformed. None of our farmers or cultivators has ever done anything without taking our permission, therefore when we got to know, we tortured him and his son and asked for the documents of land but he was so hard and tough, did not handover us the documents. Moreover, he also got the favor of a land lord of the neighboring village; therefore we could not pressurize him more. He left working on our lands and migrated to the neighboring village along with his family. There he started to cultivate his own land. Betraying us a cultivator would live a happy life; our ego can never bear it. For many generations, his family was serving us and now he started to dream to stand with us, this could not be resistible for us.” Ilaaf had squeezed his lips and was hearing him with expression less face.

“Then…..what happened?” He was hiding his every expression.

“Due to the favor of the land lord, we could not do anything for several years, but we were burning with the fire of revenge.” His tone had prideful poison. Every person sitting there except Ilaaf was aware from the taste of that poison.

“Two years ago, that land lord died. We had very good relations with his son and also he was not in the favor of the farmer, therefore we got the chance to take our revenge. One night we inflamed his crops in the field and his whole crop was burnt, but after looking the conditions and events the poor farmer had considered it as an accident.” Nadir had a disgust and insult in his tone. Habib sitting next to him and Qasim Ahmed were also smiling.

“He even got to starve having no food at all and also he needed the money to cultivate the new crop. We being very carefully, showed sympathy for him and offered a loan to him. Apparently kept the terms and conditions so soft for him but internally, we made a web around him.” With every moment passing, he was admitting his each crime but there was no one to grasp him in the hands of law.

“He accepted to take the loan, cultivated his crop and mortgage pledged his land to us. His son was a bit literate so after the agreement was signed; we made certain changes in the documents and changed the last date of returning loan along with certain terms. After his crop was cut, when he came to return the amount of the loan then we showed him the documents according to which the date of returning loan had been passed and his land was legally ours now. He requested us a lot, cried, begged but we didn’t give his land back. Then we reminded him his status and position and with love advised him not to be stubborn and to accept back our slavery. The farmers and cultivators are just born for slavery, even then how could he think that he can be freed from this slavery.” Just for a moment, the face of Ilaaf went red but then he normalized himself.

“I have asked you to speak shortly Nadir, better it is that you finish as soon as possible.” He didn’t want to hear this rubbish anymore.

“He went to the inspector, then district Police Station but our name was enough everywhere. His complain was not assisted anywhere. None of the inspectors registered his report. Not only this, but we warned him and gave the threats that we will murder his son. Our idea was that after some time, he will be silent and withdraw himself from the land, but he will take a step like this, we certainly didn’t have any idea. If had then we must had done some precautionary measures.” He stopped for a moment.

“That’s why I am saying that their brain are in ankles. These inferior people do not think with their mind, they think with their heart and when come on stubbornness then harm not only themselves but others. You people should have done something for this before. Made a blunder…..” Ilaaf interrupted Qasim Ahmed.

“I am talking with Nadir, better him to finish.” His tone had seriousness.

Qasim Ahmed had unpleasant expression on his face. He was an old friend of Qaiser Laashari, could not expect for this behavior from Ilaaf. He had heard about the arrogance and rudeness of Ilaaf but had seen first time.

“What did he do?” Ilaaf was again looking towards Nadir.

“Within one night he had run to Karachi and for last two days staged a sit down strike outside the press club. If he would have been here, we would have settled him but now the situation is very complicated. He is on hunger-strike for two days, says that until and unless government helps him or Supreme court takes notice of it, he will remain on hunger-strike and if nobody helped him then will die there but would get his land back in any condition. Till now media has not covered this news due to the political pressure of some influential Political families but if it continues for few more days then Supreme Court will take notice of it and our each and every effort will go in vain.”

“Then, what has to do now?” Ilaaf asked.

“Your's Daada Saaiyen and few other political friends with their influence are trying to cease the issue, but instead of wasting time it is better to solve this matter as soon as possible. We will talk to him in Karachi and will try to solve the matter in a peaceful manner by offering him some money.”

“What do you want from me?” Ilaaf was trying to reach at a result.

“Just when we will go to press club in order to talk to him, we want you to go with us. There will be one or two other political personalities as well. He will have an idea from this that he can not resist in front of our power and therefore perhaps he would be agreed to have a peaceful treaty.”

Ilaaf had taken a breath. Now he understood the whole issue. Baaba Saaiyen had been to London for a week. In his absence this duty was put onto him by Daada Saaiyen.

“It’s not necessary that he agrees. A man with so strong nerves and who is fighting for his war alone, it is never easy to delocalize him from his decision.” Qasim Ahmed had not liked his comment.

“This is their problem Ilaaf, you just have to go with them. Whatever will be the result, they will face it themselves.” Mujahid Baloch for the first time gave his opinion in the whole case.

“Alright, I have no objection. I am leaving for Karachi after lunch. When you people reach Karachi then contact with me. I will go with you.” He could not say anything else in order to get rid of it right now.

“Right now we are going to Khuzdaar along with Mamoon, will reach Karachi in a day or so.” Nadir had explained.

Ilaaf remained silent during lunch. Talking to these corrupt land lords unnecessarily, he considered it as his disgust. It was true that he was tied with a system where people whether corrupt or not, are considered as corrupt, but event then he had never considered himself as a part of this system. He was used to look onto life with his sight and to analyze with his own principles. He had no concern that people having delusions about him. Until and unless he would have chosen a direction or a way for his life, he didn’t want to prove this delusion wrong. Personally he never liked the cruelty and injustice but without any reason by interrupting in others’ matters and by disagreeing with others, he didn’t want to make his life miserable. He believed that he could never changed this system alone which has been settled for centuries, he even didn’t have the need to do. He had not taken the responsibility to mend the world.

He wanted not to meet them again after reaching Karachi otherwise, unwillingly he would have to be a part of this cruelty and he didn’t want to.

Taking last sip of water, he wished in his heart for them not to contact him in Karachi, but he had not the idea that few wishes are being rejected even before they are made. One who desires, should be ready to face a new test every minute on the way of desire.

All of them came into porch together.

“I will contact you after arriving Karachi.” Nadir said while shaking hands with him.

“Alright.” He moved towards his car then returned back towards Nadir.

“What is the name of that farmer?” He asked this question unintentionally.

“I forgot to tell his name. You will be asking probably in the case of media coverage.” Nadir smiled. Ilaaf shook his head unwillingly.

“Wali Daad is his name.”

“Wali Daad.” Ilaaf repeated thinking something then taking long steps moved towards the car.


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    Also -can't put my finger on what you do yet I sense a multi-dimensional gift with time.

  3. I liked the way you have portrayed the feudal system and the case of bonded labour, very much prevalent in our country. I look forward to see (in your later posts, that is) your perspective/opinion on the measures that could be implemented to eradicate this evil from our society

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    well... among all characters, standing at two opposite sides (some are still in the middle as i can't decide their sides yet), i'd like to be with Ilaaf's side... :D

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  5. rIZ you are also writing this novel simultaneously with you understanding of the plot and characters as whatever unfolds is what we perceive it to be…

  6. Urooj, I liked this line the most 'One who desires, should be ready to face a new test every minute on the way of desire.'

  7. Sir Akhtar, thank you very much for reading the post.

    Wali Daad will be appearing in the novel for just one chapter but, yes his influence will last till the end of the story.

  8. Connie, thank you and I will be waiting for your comment after next post.

  9. Sadia, thank you for reading the post. In novel, not now but later, the solutions will be discussed. The recent concerns are about issues that are necessary to discuss.

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