Saturday, May 10, 2014

Epilogue Part 1 (The Grief of the Desire)

Life bursts forth from a seed due to desire. Desire completes this vast universe. It causes infinitesimal atoms take varied shapes in the wish of to be something. Life without desire is like leaves in the autumn, directionless and thus having no destiny.
Sun has the desire to shine, moon wants to play hide and seek. The clouds aspire for rain; the earth yearns to quench its thirst. The flowers want to smile and the nightingale loves to sing. This world functions because of desire.

The same desire aides the artist to articulate the subtle ideas into invaluable form. Everything wishes completion and everything has its course to accomplish it. This desire serves as a ground on which every battle can be fought and facilitates to crush the impediments.

Love…the ultimate miracle and Reality which can transform the sand into mountains, the power which can melt the glaciers. It can bring together first and the last. In love, beginnings and ends fuse, love brings everything to the threshold of the origin. Every distinction disappears and just one voice remains. 

یہ زندگی اک آرزو ہے،
 یہ زندگی اک جستجو ہے۔۔۔"

This Life is a desire
This Life is a search 

Part 1 ends here 
(Special thanks to Noor-e-Hira Shamim for translating this epilogue)


  1. I could never find such a beautiful depiction of love and life, pure genius.

  2. Thanks for liking it, Noor has brilliantly translated this writing piece of mine.