Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chapter no. 2: The Dream (II)

Perhaps it was the first call of Fajar prayer coming from some distance. His eyes were opened but he could not think or understand anything for a while. Then slowly and gradually his senses started to respond completely.

The cooling of air-condition had spread in the bedroom but even then he was sweating. Thorns were prickling in the throat and an unknown, strange agitation had grasped his whole body.

With a difficulty he moved his hand and turned on the lamp of side table then sat up. By taking deep breaths for few minutes, he tried to believe that he had come out from that state. Then with trembling hands, he poured water from the jug on side table in the glass and put to lips.

Those few sips had affected well for his condition.

During the whole time, Sabiha had waked up too. She turned from side to side, tried to understand his condition by looking him then she sat up too.

“Hamza! What has happened to you?” She said with a worry, rubbing her eyes.

Hamza Shahid did not reply her. He again was taking deep breaths.

“You once again had a dream?” This time he turned and shook his head positively.

“I can not understand why these dreams do not leave you”. He got down from the bed and came towards the window. “Does this duty only have come on your shoulders to have dreams about the whole world? Sometimes you suffer a lot due to these dreams even then you don’t contact with any doctor or psychiatrist”. He pushed back the curtains and opened the window. The blow of air that was entered in the room was much energizing compare to the suffocation inside.

“For years, the serial of these dreams has been driving off your sleep and now even I feel miserable to look at your condition”. He turned and looked Sabiha.

“There is no solution for this problem, Sabiha. None of the doctors or psychiatrists would be able to free me from these dreams. No method of cure or medicine has yet invented in the world to escape from the dreams and those dreams especially which have no concern with conscious or unconscious”. His tone was now reflecting his much better state.

“Was the dream about something novel?” Sabiha got down from the bed and turned on the lights.

“Yes”. He was deeply thinking.

“Don’t worry. The effect of the dream will remain for some time. What have you seen in the dream?”

“Don’t ask. May be I could not tell you”. His tone had impressions of anxiety. “Take rest. I will just go for prayer now”. She stood near him for a while then turned off the lights and lain again.

He remained standing near the window.

One after another the calls of Fajar prayer were now coming from mosques around. He turned his back and started looking outside the window.

He had been dreaming for many years. The strange and complicated dreams, each and every feeling of the dream kept imposing on his mind. Faces of people whether familiar or strangers, each and every thing, each and every action he could never forget anything.

But this dream was so astonishing that even he was feeling agitation, thinking about it. Impractical thing included in the impossibilities which can never be seen with awakened eyes. “What could be the meaning of this dream? What is it indicating? And its interpretation…..what would be? Don’t know what it could be?” These were the thoughts which were taking everything with their flow.

He never considered the dream as hallucination. He had given importance to dreams and that’s why instead of watching these dreams for many years, he had not contacted to any psychiatrist. “And both of them…….?”

The current of thoughts was now towards something else.

“The girl is certainly…….she is. I can recognize her innocent face among the thousands”. His eyes had an impression of worry.

“But…..the guy, he could not be…….but was just like him. The same broad forehead, the same height and dimensions and same features”.

He was agitated in real this time.

“And their so strange and profound relationship……don’t know what is going to be happened in future”. He folded his arms on the chest and took a deep breath.

“Whatever it would be, would be better and perhaps slowly and gradually, like always happen things will be explained automatically. And just then I would be able to reach at some conclusion”.

Hayi-alal-Falah(Come to the Success)”

Calls of the prayers, incising the pin drop silence of the darkness were giving his heart a feeling of satisfaction.

“The dream will be a reality”. Someone had whispered inside his heart.

Hearing the last echoes of Allah-u-Akber (Allah is the greatest), he was grasped in another strange feeling.


  1. hmmm... it seems that Hamza has shared some of his dreams with Sabiha previously. Then why isn't he sharing this one?

    Favorite line:
    “The dream will be a reality”. Someone had whispered inside his heart.

  2. Nice narration of someone waking up after an uncomfortable sleep due to dream or a nightmare but then listing to those glorious callings from azan that set the whole scene beautifully:

    Come to the prayers
    Come to the success
    Allah o Akbar ( Only Allah matters, only Allah is there)

  3. riz, thank you for reading the post.

  4. Sir Akhtar, thank you for these beautiful words and encouragement.