Friday, October 15, 2010

Chapter no. 2: The Dream (I)

It was a valley, from all four sides surrounded in between large mountains a beautiful and a very strange and astonishing valley. There was the shade of the clouds on mountains at some places whereas somewhere the golden and bright sunlight was also spreading from the sun hidden behind the clouds. Don’t know what time of the day it was, he could not have an idea with the light and direction. Whether the day was rising or downing, this was difficult to decide.

He had looked the very strange valley for a long time standing at his place, and then curiosity forced him to move ahead. The mountain near which he was standing was so high that it was difficult to guess its height.

Now he had started moving ahead looking in front of him.

The valley was so vast and huge. He had come a little further and just then he had felt that there was something unusual.

He stopped himself and tried to feel that sensation. He had understood the reason.

The place from where he had started walking the weather was pleasant out there, neither so cold nor so hot. By looking greenery and feeling the breeze which had brought the message of spring, he had not any idea in any corner of his mind that in this valley when walking ahead, he would have to face the strange weather like this.

Where he was standing now, he could feel the sense of two opposite kind of weathers at his right and left in front of him.

The air which was entered in his right nostril was immensely hot, when the hot desert breeze blows likewise he could felt his nose and face burning from the right side. Exactly opposite to that the wind that was entering into his left nostril was much cold and chill, like somebody has put up Antarctica on his left side. He had felt the shivering of his body due to the freezing winds.

Not only his senses but now eyes also had proved the existence of two different weathers there. With freezing senses and singeing body at the same time, he had now started looking in front of him; however he could not have the courage to take a step even could not move from his place, he could only see and think to some extent.

On his right side at some distance, the range of scorching sand of the desert was initiating which was ending at a mountain, although where he was standing now still there was greenery. But still in this wonderful and strange valley there were further things which he had to see. Exactly the same place on left side was covered with thick layers of snow and the range of this snow was also ending at a mountain. Therefore the valley after some distance was distributing into two equal parts; half was deserted area whereas rest of the half area was snowcapped. Both of these were separated by a border-line that was only visible due to the brown sand and white snow.

He had never seen a very strange view like this in his whole life. Then he looked, for a while to desert and then the land covered with snow. Unintentionally, he looked with an attentive sight and just then he felt that his perception that he is alone in the valley was absolutely wrong.

At the large snowy area, there were ice slabs of different sizes. It was felt that these slabs have been detached from mountains just a short earlier. In one of these slabs, which was not very far from him, looking very carefully he observed that a man was lying on the slab. He was surprised that in this cold weather how can a man with casual white clothes lie on the slab. He had probably died or if alive even then would have been taking his last breaths. Dark blue marks that were visible on his immaculate hands and feet were enough to believe that the blood of the man would have been frozen till that time.

He felt sad for him although he could not see his face very clearly.

Now he focused his eyes on the right side. In the desert spreading up to the mountain there was someone too but he was alive, who still had the courage to fight with the burning winds. Covered in black clothes from head to toe, the person was walking slowly and coming towards him. Then the person came near and just then he had an idea with the pace and style and dimensions that the person was a woman. He also could not see her face very clearly due to the distance in between, the woman was wearing black clothes and covering her head with black stole. She was bare feet and stopped at a place on burning sand. Then she turned her body and looked at the man across the border-line lying on the slab.

He could not understand that who the woman is? Where from she came? And what is she going to do now? Like a statue he stood motionless and had looked her.

The woman had now started to move towards the line. She stopped exactly near the line just for a minute, next moment she took a step and had kept it across the line on snow and now she was walking bare feet on the snow and moving towards the man lying on the slab. Her steps were trembling may be she could not bear the scorched cooling of the snow with bare feet.

Moving very slowly she reached near the slab. Passing the head of the man she stopped and had kept her hand over his right hand and remained in the same position for a while.

He just had looked astonishingly, never had seen this before.

The moment she had kept her hand over the hand of the man lying on the slab, the continuation of thick snow had started to melt itself. He could now feel hot breeze in his left nostril too.

In few minutes, all snow around the slab was melted and flew in the form of water, penetrating into the sand of the desert and making it cool, although the slab had still not melted.

He had felt like he can now move from his position. Involuntarily, he moved ahead in the suspense of this strange event.

Somewhat near to the slab, he stopped himself and stood there.

The woman was now walking towards the feet of the man lying on the slab.

He looked at the hands of the man; the blue marks were now vanished.

She had sat on the ground near the slab and now had kept her hand over the feet of the man.

He remained motionless and stood at his place. The blackish blue marks that were visible due to the frozen blood were now getting light, then he looked that those marks also vanished slowly and gradually. His eyes were now stunning due to the wonder. “Does the frozen blood can flow again ever?” He had not the ability to give answer of this question.

The woman did not move from her place and now had kept her hands on the soles of the feet.

He dragged himself with difficulty and came further near to the slab.

Impossibilities may happen like this in the world.

The man was taking deep breaths with closed eyes like he would have been taking rest after running so far. There was sweating on his forehead which was now penetrating into his hairs.

This was the limit of the surprise, a little earlier the body where blackish marks were found now perspiration was shining. May be it had happened with those who come back towards life after touching the limits of death in this valley.

He was a beautiful guy probably with the age of twenty four or twenty five and his face......he felt that he had known the man. His head now had started to whirl with surprise.

He had moved towards his feet and saw the woman with a nearer look who was sitting near the slab and rubbing the soles, covered with the black stole from head to toe. She was also a young girl; innocence and seriousness at the same time were making her personality attractive.

His body was burning; stars were revolving in front of eyes, it was difficult for him to control himself.

He was also familiar with the face of the girl.

In the last effort to think something, his mind had drowned in the profound darkness.


  1. Explicit and amazing description of the dream!

    But it isn't that one, right?

    You know which dream I am referring to.

  2. Excellent imagery Urooj, you are now writing with brush and your color palette is full of vividness. The title of chapter reads: DREAM, and every word, every sentence created a dream like illusion, may be I am too much pre-empting but it is a dream which will have future ramifications!

  3. Komal, first of all I am very pleased to see your comment here and Yes this one is not that dream but those dreams will be started after chapter five. This dream has more than one dimensions that will be understood later.

  4. Sir Akhtar, thank you so much for liking the description of the dream. I tried to make it as simple as possible so everyone would be able to image the scene in his own mind. And Yes this is a dream which will have future ramifications.

  5. I was literally watching this video! Nice elaboration!
    want to watch more... let 'em come! :)

  6. Let me add emphasis to all which has been said here. Urooj, like rIZ, I felt I was watching a video yet that I could also feel the heat and cold and experience other sensations as well. Your ability doesn't need comment at this point. I have not been able to get far enough along and as consistent with my own writing yet in my little writing group...yet I KNOW several in that group will certainly appreciate your immense talent.

  7. riz, thank you for reading and commenting.

  8. Connie, thank you so much for coming. I am very pleased to see you reading my effort and encouraging it.

  9. Assalamu Alaikum urooj, i am uteerly delighted to see a masterpiece in procees inshaAllah!Nice effort! One doesnt get to read such kind of literature with a myriad of interpretations and readings. I am glad that I have known and read you all this while. Keep up the good work!

  10. Sadia, thank you so much. I am very glad to see you here, reading and commenting.