Monday, February 21, 2011

Chapter no. 5: The First Meeting (III)

The room was dark even then there was illumination inside him.

He was lying on the bed and was able to feel light in his eyes which had kept his vision enlightened just with the thought about that illuminating face even in this darkness.

Four days ago, when he returned back from University then he had a misunderstanding that the thoughts about that girl will be washed out in a while from his mind, but it was just his misunderstanding. During last four days he had kept thinking about that girl in form of short intervals.

Her smile, her tone full of contentment, her unconcernness, her carelessness, her charming laugh and her shiny eyes; he couldn’t take out a single thing from his mind or perhaps he didn’t want to. He just wanted to have a quest for the secret whose presence had made her face so attractive for him. What was that magnetic force in that girl which didn’t let Ilaaf to get rid of thoughts about her.

He turned his side and turned on the side table lamp; then turned it off; then he started turning off and on the lamp like a child; he was having a strange satisfaction with this game.

Don’t know what the time was; he didn’t care. He didn’t want to think about anything else right now, just wanted to think about her with his loneliness.

And just then, for the first time in his life he got angry on himself.

Why didn’t he try to talk to Qandeel that day? May be if he would have tried then the strangeness and unfriendliness that was present in her eyes and tone for Ilaaf, would have been decreased and the opportunity for the second meeting could have become possible.

Now he was just thinking that don’t know when would be able to meet Qandeel again? Even would be able to meet again ever or not. How much he was thinking; was feeling a sense of restlessness more intensified than before.

He closed his eyes and just then his mobile started ringing.

He didn’t want to turn back and search the mobile; he had no wish even to move from his place at the moment.

Mobile was ringing continuously; he couldn’t have an idea in the darkness that from where the ringing tone was coming just knew that it would have been kept somewhere on the bed.

Finally he left playing with lamp and moving his hand behind him searched the mobile.

The call was from Rohail.

“What’s a mess, Rohail?” He said while yawning.

“It’s a mess for you but even then you have to accept it. I won’t hear refusal.” The voice of Rohail was shining.

“Speak clearly, what do you want to say?” Ilaaf was feeling laziness.

“Day after tomorrow is my birthday and you have to come in any case.”

There was a flash in his mind; all laziness and idleness was vanished suddenly.

He had completely forgotten that Rohail’s birthday is coming and he will celebrate it as usual.

A hope was risen inside him.

“Perhaps an opportunity to meet her.”

“Tell me, will you come?” He just came out of that state on hearing Rohail’s voice.

“Who else is coming?” He asked unwillingly.

“Few University friends, few convent friends and some other friends.”

“Will Ameen come?” He made his tone unconcerned; didn’t want to ask about her directly.

“Yes, just four of them will be from University; Ameen, Seema, Humaira and Qandeel; haven’t invited anyone else from University.” A sense of satisfaction penetrated inside Ilaaf.

“Alright, I will come.” He said like he is giving a favor to seven generations of Rohail.

“Ok, then will see day after tomorrow; I will wait for you; couldn’t visit you for few days; was busy otherwise would have come; you will probably be feeling bore.”

Ilaaf turned off the phone and kept on the side table.

During last four days, he had not thought once that Rohail hasn’t visited him; neither felt nor thought.

He got up and sat; was feeling an energy penetrating inside his body.

“So, he will meet Qandeel Yousuf once again day after tomorrow.” He surprised on himself; Ilaaf had remembered the complete name of that girl despite of fact that Rohail had told him the complete name of Qandeel just once when he was introducing both of them.

In any case, now he was just thinking that Nature has given him another chance and he won’t let this go in vain. He will talk to her so that could be able to find something in his search; a single point of that secret which was present in the girl like a magnet and attracted Ilaaf towards her.

Ilaaf standing opened the window and while looking the stars on the sky started thinking about different aspects which could be beneficial for him during the coming meeting.

He was thinking and far above on the sky, stras were laughing; were looking another human being starting a journey on the way full of thorns, in order to know the secret of the life; were preparing themselves to witness a show of foolishness of another man, but those stars were also unaware of the reality that in the chest of weak, stupid and powerless human being, Nature has kept a piece of flesh which has itself hidden the biggest secret of the Universe inside it. If man could ever know the secret that lies inside him then neither he remains weak nor foolish or powerless.

Exactly among those stars, whirling between the clouds, the goddess of the desire was having a look on her new prey with intoxicated smile and witty eyes. She was fully loaded with all her weapons and tools and just was waiting for her moment so that she can attack and grasp Ilaaf.


  1. "'Alright, I will come.' He said like he is giving a favor to seven generations of Rohail."
    hahah! nice one Urooj! :D

    Last two paragraphs...mmm... are philosophical.

    So this goddess of desire is harmful and dangerous and intoxicates people like Ilaaf.
    One question, does this illustration mean that he is not doing good and he is mistaken?

  2. rIZ I think last two paragraphs are not philosophical but magical, Urooj in those two beautiful paragraphs have extremely effectively written about, love, heart and desires and she has chosen the witness to be those who were there before man put his foot on this earth.
    Urooj, this is really a wonderful part.

  3. Yeah choosing stars is a wise choice. The way we look at stars, they look at us in the same way :D

    But m still getting confused with the last para :s this goddess is playing a negative role or positive one? :s
    It can be only positive if her "zehr" is beneficial for people...

  4. riz, thank you for reading and commenting. This goddess of desire is neither harmful nor beneficial for human being. She just has a single duty to perform on this earth and that is to lit the fire of the desire in human's heart. Now the good or bad, to make it harmful or beneficial, it all depends on the man himself how he tackles this desire.

    I think now you got answers of your questions.

  5. Sir Akhtar, thank you for reading and further clarifying it to riz and to me also.