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Chapter no. 10: The Incident (VI)

Maryam was talking to Aapi on mobile inside the restaurant, and didn’t know what was happening outside. Her back was towards the glass door, and then while talking on phone she turned suddenly and just then her eyes went outside the glass door on the road.

She looked, outside on the road the car of Arsheen was crossing the restaurant and exactly behind her car, there was a jeep, and at the back of the jeep there was a white land cruiser. There was very little distance between all three cars. Arsheen was driving bit slowly and Maryam knew that on such a busy road this driving creates problems.

Maryam kept looking; perhaps the jeep coming at the back was trying to overtake her car, and giving horns as well, but on the narrow road the overtake was not easy. She looked coming near to glass window, the car of Arsheen had moved somewhat ahead and now the distance was increased between jeep and her car. But exactly then the front part of the land cruiser behind the jeep hit the back side of the jeep, Maryam was surprised, and had a feeling about some unhappening to be occurred. She quit the phone and came out, at some distance there was Qandeel standing and looking that drama on the road too.

While looking at the road Maryam moved towards Qandeel, and just then she felt like that white land cruiser was of Ilaaf and perhaps she had seen a glimpse of Ilaaf on the driving seat as well.

Exactly that moment the speed of the land cruiser went slow just for a moment due to which its distance with jeep increased a bit, but the very next moment the front part of the land cruiser had hit the jeep just like a bullet, jeep was light and couldn’t bear the sudden jerk, as a result it went ahead with the same speed and hit the four seater of Arsheen.

Maryam stopped and looked.

Due to that hit by jeep, the four seater jumped up few inches in the air then with like some frictional force went in a zigzag manner and hit the fence outside the restaurant at the left corner. The windscreen of the car got smashed and the front door was deeply dented.

For a moment Maryam became incensed, she didn’t understand what has happened, and when her senses started working then she had the idea that whatever has happened was very much erroneous.

The brakes of the jeep made a noise and it hardly stopped few steps back the four seater in the middle of the road, behind it land cruiser also stopped with a sudden powerful jerk and if it hadn’t stopped then probably would had hit the jeep.

Maryam looked worryingly at the four seater, she had seen the face of Arsheen’s mother, she was at the side seat and her head was bleeding, didn’t know she was alive or not.

Unwillingly Maryam shut her eyes due to the feeling of some pain and just then she thought about Qandeel, she turned her head and looked Qandeel standing few steps away, she was looking at the four seater too, and her eyes…….Maryam felt like her eyes had become stony.

She came close to Qandeel and just then she felt that Qandeel was not alright, Maryam was afraid that Qandeel might get CND attack, and she didn’t know how to control Qandeel in case if she got attacked.

“Qandeel.” Maryam called her name.

Qandeel didn’t hear, her eyes were empty, face was expressionless and color was pale.

Just then a boy from the winow of the jeep took out his head and yelled.

“Ilaaf, reverse the car, otherwise both of us will be in trouble.” He was saying waving his hands.

Maryam looked; Qandeel was starring the land cruiser like a statue.

She held Qandeel’s hand; ever-warm hand of Qandeel was extremely cold that moment just like the ice.

Maryam was worried. Qandeel was attacked by CND.

Exactly then the land cruiser was getting reverse, the eyes of Qandeel were moving with the land cruiser, as she wants to look something, to get rid of some disbelief in her eyes.

After it being reversed, land cruiser moved ahead, but then due to the traffic jam for a while stopped in front of Qandeel. Maryam looked this time somebody else was driving the car, whereas Ilaaf was at the back seat along with Rohail. Then she turned her head and looked Qandeel, she was either looking the land cruiser or Ilaaf Laashari, Maryam couldn’t decide anything.

Those were few moments, after that land cruiser moved ahead.

And behind the land cruiser the jeep went to the round about as well and Maryam was pretty sure that before the arrival of police at the site of incident, both of the cars would have reached some safe place.

She was worried for Arsheen, her mother and sister but there was crowd around the four seater and nothing was visible right now. Maryam prayed for their well being in her heart then she got worried for Qandeel.

Qandeel was still standing at the same place and her eyes were hanged in the air. Didn’t know what she was looking, was looking something or not. Maryam shook her arm but Qandeel was still motionless, and therefore for the first time Maryam had an idea that the condition of Qandeel was worse than it was last time. Last time, on the death of Wali Daad, Ghani was also there to help her and he had helped Maryam to handle the situation, this time Maryam was alone and Qandeel’s state was even worse.

She couldn’t decide what to do.

“Qandeel, come into your senses.” She jerked Qandeel’s arm, but even that was worthless.

Qandeel was just physically there, mentally and spiritually she was somewhere else.

And just in a while Qandeel’s condition became worst, all that wasn’t expected by Maryam had just happened.

Qandeel with a sudden jerk fell down on her knees, like her feet hadn’t courage to stand further.

“Qandeel.” Maryam tried to control her bowing down but Qandeel had already sat on the ground with both legs folded in a position of prostration. Her both palms were fixed on the ground, and face was just few inches above the ground. She was dragging her breath. Maryam felt, like she was having difficulty in breathing. Pounded sounds were coming out of her throat, just like someone is trying to throttle her neck and she would have become weary trying to take breath.

Sitting down Maryam straightened her, and then kept her head in her lap, and in order to normalize her breathing patted her neck and chest.

There was a huge crowd on the road but not the single man was attentive towards them, all of them were standing around the four seater just like the viewers.

Maryam heard the sirens of the ambulances. Then she had looked some media people reaching the site of accident one by one.

The place where both of them were sitting was bit far from the site of incident, that’s why no one had seen Qandeel or Maryam there.

The lips of Qandeel were sturdily compressed and now she was just breathing through her nose. There was nothing in her opened empty eyes, the shine that used to be there always, was vanished somewhere. She was looking Maryam in such a way like requesting.

Maryam felt crying, she was feeling herself very powerless, whom she could call to help her for her friend at such a place, where in the noise of Police mobiles and ambulance siren, in the crowd of people and chaos, there was no one who could hear her request.

She looked around and just then had seen a waiter.

Maryam called him. He came near. Maryam asked him to bring a glass of water. Perhaps the waiter had an idea that Qandeel is not well, so he immediately went to fetch water.

Patting Qandeel’s head with one hand she took out her cell phone from the other hand and called Kamran Ali. She told him shortly about the condition of Qandeel. Kamran Ali’s home was near that location. He asked Maryam to take care of Qandeel, and that he is going to reach there in ten minutes.

Quitting the phone Maryam looked, eyes of Qandeel were getting shut. She had gone into semi-unconscious state.

Waiter had fetched the water, Maryam took the glass from his hand and put to Qandeels’ lips and hardly making some space between her lips entered few drops, some of the water entered her mouth while rest fell onto her chin.

Paying thanks to the waiter she returned the glass, and just then she looked that the stretchers were being moved to the ambulances. One stretcher was already taken inside, she couldn’t see it. Rests of the two were moved into the ambulances in front of her. The stretchers were completely covered with clothes and Maryam just could see the hanging hands from the sides and blood-stained stoles.

Unwillingly her eyes were filled with tears. She had done reporting for her channel about bomb blasts and suicidal attacks several times, and had seen people losing their lives in front of her eyes. She was proved to be firm hearted in this case, but didn’t know why the grief of those three women died like this was felt intensively.

And Qandeel…..somehow she had some emotional attachment to all the family members, so going into such a state was not very much surprising on their sudden unexpected death like this, while only on the death of Wali Daad how her condition went unwell, Maryam had still remembered.

Police had kept the hurdles around the car and started recording the statements of the eye witnesses.

Qandeel’s eyes were completely shut and she was now completely unconscious, just was breathing very slowly. Maryam checked her pulse, it was normal and that’s why Maryam was bit satisfied.

Kamran Ali reached there before ten minutes, he had brought his car. Somehow they took Qandeel into the car, Maryam sat with Qandeel at the back seat. The moment Kamran Ali turned around the car from the round about and crossed the four seater across the road then looking the strength of police force there, Maryam had said in a disgusting tone, “They always have just one thing to do, not to follow the criminals but to observe the motionless objects.”

Kamran Ali asked about the details of the incident. Whatever Maryam had seen, told him and while telling the details had cursed Ilaaf and his friends how much she could.

Kamran Ali didn’t commnt, just kept thinking. What he was thinking, Maryam couldn’t have any idea. Then he told Maryam that he has already talked to Yousuf Mairaj and they were taking Qandeel home. Maryam remained silent, otherwise in her personal opinion it was better to take Qandeel hospital rather.

Along with Yousuf Mairaj, doctor Lodhi was at home, perhaps Yousuf Mairaj had called him. Qandeel was taken inside her room. Doctor Lodhi checked her pulse, and then looking Qandeel breathing very slowly like this, he had some expressions of worries on his face, that’s why may be unlike the last time, he asked the details of Qandeel’s condition. How long she kept looking the view after the incident, and what happened when she fell down, he had asked the detail about each and everything.

Yousuf Mairaj was looking Maryam and doctor Lodhi one by one silently.

Doctor Lodhi had given an injection of sleep inducing drugs to Qandeel and told that she would wake up after few hours.

All four of them came out silently, and coming out Yousuf Mairaj asked worryingly.

“Is there anything wrong, Usman? You never gave injection of sleep inducing drugs to Qandeel before.” Doctor Lodhi compressed his lips.

“It would be easy to know that is there something wrong or not, once Qandeel wakes up, Yousuf. Today, Qandeel is not breathing properly, it never happened before and that’s why I asked the detail of her condition to Maryam. Perhaps the shock of this accident was so intense that for a while Qandeel unknowingly stopped breathing and that’s why she still isn’t breathing well. It was necessary for her to sleep long, I am here and will keep observing Qandeel for a while, after that I would be able to decide that either it is needed to shift Qandeel to the hospital or not. I personally think that now her breathing will soon be normalized.”

“But it never happened before.” Yousuf Mairaj was extremely worried.

“Yes, it never happened before, Yousuf. But what it is that never happened, that has to happen someday. For this day I used to ask you to take Qandeel to England in order to get her check up by Doctor Scott. I am feeling as Qandeel’s disorder is getting some changes slowly and gradually, and these changes will either be hurting or beneficial for Qandeel, to say something about it is like random guessing, but one thing is for sure that…..Qandeel will have to face many more difficulties.”

Maryam had never seen so much tiredness on Yousuf Mairaj’s face before that day. He was seated on a chair and down his head started thinking.

There was silence for a while, nobody said anything then Yousuf Mairaj raised his head and looked Maryam.

“What had happened, Maryam? Tell me everything in detail.”

Maryam told him everything, whatever had happened in front of her two hours ago, and while telling all this, she had seen the weak face of Yousuf Mairaj went pale many times.

“Arsheen, Nausheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi……Ya Allah, what has happened? How would Saqib and Nauman be? Everything ruined, everything they had.” His eyes had tears and his tone was wet.

Maryam also told that Ilaaf Laashari is mainly responsible for this accident.

Yousuf Mairaj was like just become dumb, he wanted to say something but his tongue wasn’t supporting him. He asked for water to Maryam. Maryam went into the kitchen and brought the water in a glass. Yousuf Mairaj took few sips then having a deep sigh looked Maryam.

“Did Qandeel see Ilaaf there?” She couldn’t understand that why he has asked this question.

Kamran Ali was keenly observing Yousuf Mairaj.

“Yes, Qandeel had seen Ilaaf there, and in any case Ilaaf’s car is quite identifiable whose back side had “white fairy” printed on it in bold letters. I myself saw his car first and just could see Ilaaf later.” Maryam explained.

Kamran Ali squeezed his lips.

Yousuf Mairaj moved his head down, but he was much better now.

Then they went inside with doctor Lodhi. Doctor Lodhi had seen Qandeel; she was breathing in a quite normal way and was looking much better now. Doctor Lodhi consoled Yousuf Mairaj and then left. Kamran Ali accompanied him.

Maryam and Yousuf Mairaj sat beside Qandeel, and just then somebody called Yousuf Mairaj on his cell phone.

He went out and talked.

Maryam looked Qandeel. She was sleeping like didn’t get a chance to sleep for years.

Then Yousuf Mairaj came inside.

“Kaleem Sahib called, he is in hospital with Saqib and Nauman. They couldn’t save Arsheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi, but Nausheen is still alive……she was at the back seat and less injured comparatively, but she is not well right now. Doctors are trying to save her life.” Maryam had compressed her lips.

“The funeral of Arsheen and Rukhsana Bhabhi is tomorrow morning after Fajar prayer, if Qandeel gets better then I will go to attend the funeral otherwise it would be very difficult to go leaving Qandeel like this.”

Maryam remained silent, and knew that she herself would not be able to stay here with Qandeel, and the same had happened later. After some time, Ammi had started calling on phone, everyone was worried and wanted her to reach home as soon as possible. It was very late now, Yousuf Mairaj had got idea about her worries and that’s why trying to comfort her had asked her to go home. He was perfectly fine now and hopeful too that Qandeel will be well soon. Then he said to Maryam.

“It’s very late now, I ask Kamran. He will drop you at home.” Both of them came out one after other. Kamran Ali was watching the news on T.V. in the other room.

Every channel was telecating the same news about the same accident. Despite of the fact that it was a road accident, the news was the hot topic and the only reason was that Ilaaf Laashari, the son of Qaiser Laashari was held responsible for that accident. Anchors, newsreaders, analysts, everyone was arguing and discussing just one thing that would Ilaaf Laashari be arrested? Would he be standing in the court as the guilty? Would he and people responsible for this incident be sentenced what they deserve or like many other times, this case would also be ceased what has been happening for years? Would the influential people as usual be succeded to prevent them getting any penalty using their resources? Would it happen again or something would be changed?

For a while Maryam and Yousuf Mairaj kept hearing the news then Yousuf Mairaj asked Kamran Ali to drop Maryam at her home. Kamran Ali collected the keys from the table and rose to leave when the breaking news just being telecasted on the T.V.

They kept watching.

Finally, after whole three hours of the accident, the report was registered against Ilaaf Laashari, and his arrest warrants were being released.

They showed Saqib; Nauman Hassan and his other famiy members who were in the hospital, they were also shown. Immediately after the breaking news, commentary on the news had been telecasted, and according to the analyst Saqib Hassan had used his resources in order to register the report against Ilaaf Laashari otherwise it was not an easy task for him to do in such a short period of time.

Maryam after knowing the details got the idea that Saqib Hassan was not an ordinary man, and Ilaaf Laashari wasn’t seemed to get rid of this case so easily.

Police was searching for Ilaaf.

Maryam had seen an unknown grief on Yousuf Mairaj’s face, strange tiredness, and she couldn’t know why that tiredness had appeared.

Kamran Ali asked Maryam to come then went out of the room.

Before leaving the room, Maryam turned back and looked Yousuf Mairaj again.

He was watching the news silently sitting on the couch, and his face was now expressionless.

Then she went out, personally she was pretty satisfied now.

Ilaaf Laashari had committed a reprehensible crime, and so he had deserved the punishment in any case. It was an accident but Ilaaf Laashari was the only cause of this accident and that’s why accountable to get penalty as well.


  1. Crime scene and the details are narrated exceptionally through the witness Maryam and the emotional upheaval felt by Qandeel and Yousuf Mairaj are also very well depicted. Felt the chill and the turbulence of the accident and the also the sadness that it conveyed.

  2. I always read the novel as I am a part of it; I would say that after reading last two episodes I am very sad. Perfectly narrated tale of such a tragic incident which may be the most appalling incident of the novel and a beginning of a grief would so deeply be felt by the readers. How you have written the whole tragedy, I feel as I was standing at Burns Road when the incident happened, an ultimate success as a writer. It’s a masterclass from you Urooj, every reader must find it as appalling as I did. Great going, keep it up.

  3. Sir Akhtar, and Peerless, thank you for reading and liking the post.

  4. Your writing skills are commendable, urooj, but why did Qandeel have to witness the accident herself? Why does Ilaaf have to be in a sorry state of affairs all the time? Why couldnt it be Qandeel who knocked down the three women and then Ilaaf would have seen her? Why does Qandeel have to always take the "better" outfit of the two protagonists?

  5. Sadia, thank you for reading, liking and raising an amazing question.

    I think I am not able to answer this question well, let Ilaaf and Qandeel answer your question themselves.

    By the way, how can you say that Qandeel always take the "better" of the two protagonists? While I think this time Ilaaf took the better one.