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Chapter no. 11: The Contention (I)

Everything happened suddenly and unexpectedly that for a while Rohail couldn’t understand what has happened, and when he understood then felt extremely sad and got extremely angry on Ilaaf as well, whose stubbornness, anger and carelessness had caused that worst accident to be occurred. But now after just few minutes of the accident, when Ilaaf was sitting like a stony figure between him and Shaiq then didn’t know why, Rohail felt mercy for him not anger. He had an idea that what would be the mental state of Ilaaf that moment, and that’s why in his own opinion the decision of Adnan to take out Ilaaf from the site of incident was hundred percent right. He knew Ilaaf since childhood, sometimes Ilaaf used to take steps being very emotional but overall in real, Rohail had never seen such weaknesses in Ilaaf which he and Adnan had possessed, even then unintentionally today Ilaaf had committed such a crime for which he deserved the accountability in every court of the world, and Qandeel…..some strange pain was penetrated inside him.

Standing on the foodstreet, Qandeel had seen Ilaaf committing this crime; in her court perhaps Ilaaf could never be able to get forgiveness and thus some high ranks. And Rohail couldn’t be able to support any one of both of his friends; he wasn’t able to declare anyone of them as right and the other wrong. In his view neither the sin of Ilaaf was so erroneous that he could never get forgiveness nor had he hoped that Qandeel would ever forgive Ilaaf for that.

Both cars were moving on the road heading towards the exterior of the city, and then at a place Adnan gave an indication to Jawwad to stop the car and both of them stopped their cars.

Jawwad came out of the jeep, Adnan got down as well.

“I admit that due to the fear of defeat, I cheated today once again, but whatever Ilaaf did in state of anger, I am not at all responsible for that.”

“Shut your rubbish, you know very well that Ilaaf hates cheating in game, even then you cheated and Ilaaf is not insane that he straight ahead hit your car, he hadn’t any idea that there is another car before your jeep.”

“Whatever it is, I am leaving for Lahore immediately after hiding this jeep. Before the time, my arrest warrants along with Ilaaf could be released, I have to reach Lahore in any case, and remember Adnan, if it came to me or they involved me then I will be supposed to record my statement against Ilaaf.”

Rohail looked, this time Adnan’s face went red due to anger and his eyes like got blood in them.

“Give these threats to someone else. Go and make efforts for your bail before arrest, do not worry about Ilaaf. I know very well how I have to save Ilaaf not to be arrested and got penalized. Go to hell and never show your face to me again, if you did then I will make trash of it.” For a while they kept arguing but then the situation became intensed, so Shaiq and Sahil sorted it out and moved away Jawwad and Adnan.

With rigid face, Adnan came back to the car and asked Rohail.

“Is Ilaaf alright?” Rohail turned his head and looked Ilaaf worryingly sitting next to him whose body was there, where was he himself, it was impossible to guess.

“Ilaaf is not well, we should reach some safe place as soon as possible and try to bring him back in his senses otherwise his condition will become worse. He is neither hearing me nor feeling my touch.”

Adnan was bit worried too.

“Don’t worry; we are going to the farm house. Nobody would be able to trace out us there and Ilaaf will completely be secured there. And what we have to do next, will decide once we reach there.”

Jawwad’s car went away in a while.

Shaiq went and took the driving seat on asking by Adnan. Adnan himself went to the side seat and started thinking.

Shaiq had started the engine then drove the car on the road going out of the city.

Adnan explained the address to Shaiq then called Qaiser Laashari from his cell phone, and told everything shortly to him. Qaiser Laashari after knowing everything considered it a better option for Ilaaf to go with Adnan and instructed Adnan to take Ilaaf at his farm house, till then he is trying to get bail before arrest for Ilaaf, and that until he gives any further instructions to Adnan, Adnan shouldn’t take any step himself and just should take care Ilaaf.

Rohail once again tried to bring Ilaaf in his senses shrugging him, but perhaps he was sleeping with opened eyes. When the outcome was zero then he tried to drop few drops of water from the water bottle in the car in the mouth of Ilaaf, but despite of trying a lot he couldn’t make any space between his sturdily compressed lips. Finally he felt irritated and left Ilaaf in the same condition.

Shaiq was driving fast on instructions of Adnan, they wanted to reach farm house as soon as possible. Then a long rice field started and Rohail got satisfied. He was sure that reaching farm house he would be able to bring Ilaaf back in his senses.

Way far from the road, farm house was near a small forest. Many years ago Adnan constructed this farm house with lot of passion and as usual the place for the farm house was chosen by Ilaaf. At the end of the forest there was a small river. From the backside windows of first floor rooms of the farm house, the view of the river always seemed beautiful. Ilaaf and Adnan used to visit here oftenly; Rohail just had come once or twice. The especiality of this place was that none of the friends of Ilaaf and Adnan knew about that farm house, and it was intentionally done on Ilaaf’s wish. He liked to be alone sometimes and just then used to come here along with Adnan.

Entering in the area, Adnan had called the housekeepers there at the farm house, and therefore before their arrival the central gate of the farm house was opened, and Shaiq took the car straight away inside. Parking the car Shaiq got down, and then on instructions of Adnan, got Ilaaf down from the car along with Rohail. Apparently Ilaaf was quite normal and breathing properly as well. They were making him to walk holding his arms and he was walking silently, but his face was plane. His eyes were shineless and fixed at single spot. His lips were still compressed and his body was cold just like ice.

They came inside. Rohail knew all housekeepers there. They were as fierce and strong from their faces how much they are with their physique. The personal opinion of Rohail was always that in order to be an employee of Adnan the very first thing that is needed are the health and fighting skills of man, and that he doesn’t avoid fighting.

Adnan instructed few of his men then he got a call on his cell phone from Qaiser Laashari, so he asked Rohail to take care Ilaaf and went out.

Rohail and Shaiq made Ilaaf to sit on the couch in the lounge, and then Rohail asked a servant to bring some warm water in a jug. Shaiq according to the instructions of Adnan, went to park the white fairy of Ilaaf in the backside garage so that it couldn’t be seen. Adnan was showing extreme care and perhaps he was doing right in his perspective.

After Shaiq left, Rohail looked Ilaaf. He was sitting on the couch motionless in the same way they made him to sit.

Rohail put off Ilaaf’s shoes sitting on the floor, and then socks as well and just then he felt, Ilaaf’s feet were extremely cold.

Adnan’s servant had brought the warm water in a jug and handed over to Rohail.

Rohail stood with jug in his hand exactly in front of Ilaaf and the very next moment he threw that water with full force over Ilaaf. Ilaaf’s eyes filled with water, his hairs, his face, his shirt, everything was soaked.

Rohail had an idea that it would work and the same had happened. Ilaaf raised his head with a sudden jerk and looked Rohail.

“Come into your senses, Ilaaf. Control yourself.” Rohail shrugged his shoulder.

“Where I am? And those three women, they are alive naa, Rohail? Somebody took them to the hospital or not? And Qandeel…..where is she?”

Rohail sat besides him.

“Whatever had to happen it happened, Ilaaf. Now think forward. Try to control yourself.” Ilaaf looked him then looked his wet body, his feet and hands, and then suddenly he got up.

“I have to go, have to save those women, they will die. Why you people have taken me here, I have to take them to the hospital.”

Rohail rose and blocked his way, then jerked both of Ilaaf’s shoulders.

“Don’t be mad, Ilaaf. Its not worth it, they have been died. Perhaps now their dead bodies would have reached hospital. Nobody can stop happenings, and nobody can bring back the past time.” Ilaaf kept looking him then Rohail had seen his eyes filling with waters, and his face just went white.

He sat down on the floor over his knees.

“What have I done? How it is done by me? I didn’t want to harm anyone, I was sure that Jawwad will control his car, and thus only his car would be affected, but……then how it all happened. Why couldn’t I see that car before Jawwad’s jeep and those innocent women…..” Rohail kept looking him with surprise.

He kept speaking and the tears were comig out of his eyes.

“I didn’t wish it to be happened ever, Rohail, then why did it happen?” He raised his head and looked Rohail.

Rohail sat on the floor on his tiptoes besides him.

“Control yourself, Ilaaf. It has been happened.” Fixing his palms on the floor Ilaaf bent his head down and kept sitting like this for a while then suddenly he raised his head and looked rohail.

“Was she Qandeel?” Rohail just kept looking the belief and disbelief in his eyes, and couldn’t give any answer.

Ilaaf held his collar moving ahead, and then asked in a bewildered manner, “Tell me, was she Qandeel?”

“Yes.” He left Rohail’s collar and moved back as somebody has kicked him back.

“She was Qandeel, she saw me. She will never forgive me, she will hate me.” He was muttering to himself then while speaking didn’t know what happened, Ilaaf started crying like a child. Rohail couldn’t decide what to do.

“She even wouldn’t like to spit at my face, she will hate me.” He was crying. “I am hate worthy. I, Ilaaf Laahari, murderer of three innocent women; I can be hate worthy for Qandeel Yousuf in this world, can not deserve her love. She should hate me, I deserve to be hated.”

Adnan came inside, and looking Ilaaf crying like a child kept standing silently for a while then went into the room at the right corner. After few minutes when he returned back then he had a syringe in his hand, he wanted to inject sleep inducing drugs to Ilaaf.

He indicated to Rohail, Shaiq was back as well. Rohail and Shaiq held Ilaaf’s both arms. He was still crying, didn’t try to resist a bit, and Adnan had injected the solution in the syringe in his arm very easily. Then Adnan held Ilaaf to stand, Rohail and Shaiq helped him. All three of them supported him and took him upstairs to his room, his sobbing was getting light and reaching the room he was simply unconscious.

Together they laid him on the bed. Adnan checked his pulse then covered his body with blanket and turned to Shaiq.

“Go and take rest in the room downstairs. I have asked Masood, he will bring your dinner there. Me and Rohail will stay with Ilaaf.” Shaiq went.

Both of them were seated on the couch.

“What will happen now?” Rohail looked at Adnan. For a while he had totally forgotten all conflicts among them.

“Nothing, let the night to pass, will see in the morning.” Adnan answered with seriousness.

“You talked to Qaiser Uncle? What does he say?” Adnan didn’t answer this question of Rohail for a while then he looked Rohail.

“Arrest warrants for Ilaaf have been released. Jawwad is right now at the safe side, because apparently Ilaaf is just responsible for this accident. Qaiser Uncle tried to prevent the release of arrest warrant, but Saqib Hassan has successfully registered the report against Ilaaf within three hours of the accident, using his resources and contacts.” Rohail squeezed his lips. Situation was really worst, and Saqib Hassan…..Rohail felt like he has heard this name somewhere before, where he heard didn’t remember that moment.

“Qaiser Uncle asked me to wait till the morning, hopefully Ilaaf will be fine till then. He is trying for the bail before arrest but this case is very complicated and insubstantial. See what happens, situation will be clearer till the morning.” Adnan, who usually didn’t use to care about any worry, was looking worried today.

“If he couldn’t get bail then…….” Rohail looked him leaving the question incomplete.

“Then Ilaaf will have to give himself in the hands of law.” Adnan was deeply thinking.

Rohail couldn’t answer.

“But even if it happened, will be for a very short period of time. As soon as the case will appear in the court, we will manage something to get Ilaaf released. No matter if Saqib Hassan has great contacts, he doesn’t have any idea about the power of Qaiser Laashari. We will never let Ilaaf to be proved as a criminal. This would be proved just as a coincidental accident in the court. And if in any case, matter didn’t turn out to be in our favor with a right way then, Adnan Bhatti knows well how to use the other means.” The determined tone of Adnan was showing that whatever he is saying, he has complete intention to follow it.

Personally Rohail had never liked the use of wrong means for Ilaaf to get rid of this case. He was an admirer of using legal ways, but he knew that it wouldn’t be possible for him to explain this to either Adnan or Ilaaf’s father. And in any case, this case was getting severity, and in such a situation he just could be able to see everything just like a silent viewer and in his opinion, even the state of Ilaaf wouldn’t be more than a viewer during the entire course. For Adnan, love and friendship of Ilaaf was important, whereas, for Qaiser Laashari, along with Ilaaf his dignity and honor were important too. The respect and honor that his family owns, his political good-will everything was at risk now, and allowing the criminal act to be proved on Ilaaf, he could never let his honor and good-will to be affected.

Roahil and Adnan kept sitting there for a while then being satisified towards Ilaaf came out. Adnan asked for the dinner. Both of them had dinner then sitting in the lounge they watched the news on T.V. Even after full four hours the burning news on every channel was still that one, and that’s why every anchor had Ilaaf’s name in his mouth. Rohail got the idea; coming days were going to be very difficult period of Ilaaf’s life.

Saqib Nauman Hassan was also shown. Out of three women affected from the accident, one was his mother while rest of the two, were sisters. Two of them were died immidately after the accident, while the third girl who was the younger sister of Saqib, was still alive and lurking between death and life.

Rohail prayed to God in his heart to save the life of that girl, and just then looking Saqib Hassan he remembered that where he had heard his name before.

Papa used to talk about him oftenly, his name was called respectfully in the business locality. During last few years, he had spread his business enormously, inside and outside the country very successfully, while his age and experience wasn’t much, but in less time the high success rate was the true evidence of his ability. Even with facial features Roahil felt he was just few years elder than him and Ilaaf, perhaps would be of same age of Adnan.

Adnan turned off the T.V. and started cursing media people in anger, who were flaming the incident purposefully just because Ilaaf wasn’t the son of an ordinary man but Qaiser Laashari.

“I will see all of them. Hundred of accidents happen on the roads of this city daily, even people die, but not the advertisement for each accident has been made on T.V. like this ever. Nobody can harm Ilaaf even a little as far as I am alive. I will see how they prove Ilaaf guilty.” He went downstairs muttering. Perhaps he had gone to give some special instructions to his men for the security at night.

Roahil checked the time, and then thought about Papa. He called Papa on his cell phone and told him everything in detail. Papa had got the news about this accident and that’s why he was worried for him as well. He tried to console him and told that may be he would have to stay here with Ilaaf few days, but as soon as the situation gets better he would back home. Faizan Quraishi asked Rohail not to interfere about anything and to keep himself away from the entire case, and then asking to take care he quit the phone.

Rohail breathed deeply unwillingly.

This was another very strange thing that at the time of the accident, he, Adnan and Shaiq were there with Ilaaf in the car, but except Ilaaf no one else had his name in the report that was registered, even not of Jawwad. Report was only registered against Ilaaf and the only reason was perhaps that among many people on the road out there, most of them only knew and recognized Ilaaf and his car, and that Ilaaf was mainly responsible for the accident. It was possible that after the initial investigations and hearing at the court, anyone among them or Jawwad would be declared as parallel party and included for the investigations but right now nothing like this had happened.

Adnan came back after a while. He told Rohail that he can use the room next to Ilaaf’s room. Adnan himself was going out urgently. He wanted to survey the area in order to have an idea that either this place is safe for them or not and that how much a chance exists that police could reach here searching for Ilaaf.

Asking Rohail to take care Ilaaf, he went back downstairs.

After that he came inside the room of Ilaaf.

Ilaaf was having a deep sleep and his face had an eternal peace what a child usually has. Rohail unwillingly felt pity on him. That peace was perhaps for just few moments, there was a vortex coming in the life of Ilaaf and it was pretty possible that Ilaaf couldn’t get that peace again ever.

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